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Moving into Tenerifis for the War

The Asher Elias era of the Imperium has arrived.  We are going to go all-in on our war in the south.  And that means moving forward into enemy space.

That means moving to Tenerifis.  We have already extended ourselves out of easy reach from the Keepstart in GE-8JV.  To get to the front line quickly it requires a few gates and a couple of bridges.

A Ragnarok sending us on our way

Looking at Tenerifis now you can see we have been knocking over ihubs again.

Tenerifis – Aug 1, 2022

However, as I said, we’re getting beyond easy range for attacks and reinforcement.  So The Initiative dropped a Keepstar in Tenerifis to allow us easier access to the region as well as putting us near a regional gate to Immensea, likely the next region on the list for us to burn down.

Capitals landing on the new Keepstar

Move ops to the new staging Keepstar began as soon as Asher was done with speech on Thursday.  This made me a little anxious because move ops tend to kick off with a vengeance right away, then fall off as suddenly.  As such I always try to get in the first couple of move ops to get myself sorted.

However, Asher’s speech ended in the middle of the work day for me, so I didn’t get on an op Thursday… nor Friday.  They seemed to be mostly in EUTZ.  Saturday there was the promise of an op in the morning, but that turned out to be a capital only move op and I was out in GE-8JV with only a few subcaps.

Sunday morning it was finally my day.  I was up early and a morning move op was announced.  I got my main and my alt logged in and into my two largest ships, then found somebody in a capital ship that could carry my Flycatcher in their SMA hold.

The capitals undocked first and did a jump, then settled in to wait out their jump timers, after which the subcaps were sent off.

A collection of hulls, with a freighter catching up

With support it was a very quick op.  A few gates to catch up to the capitals, then on to a titan that bridged us to the new Keepstar.  Piece of cake.

It was so quick that I started looking around for something else I could move.  The train from GE-8JV was going to keep running for a while.  You could just shuttle back and fly your next subcap to the titan and get another bridge.

But I had no more ships at our old staging, and I didn’t want to yolo all the way from 1DQ1-A on a weekend as we approached the peak overlap between EU and US time zones.  If the route wasn’t camped it would be a minor miracle.

So I started looking around at where I had jump clones and found, on my alt, I still had a ship… an Oneiros, which is still part of our battleship doctrine… sitting in a station in an Angel Cartel NPC station in D87E-A over in Curse, left over from back around week 24 or week 25 of World War Bee, when The Initiative had set up a Fortizar in 0SHT-A to use to harass Legacy Coalition in Catch.

It might even be that Oneiros in the picture

Eventually that Fortizar got popped, but before it did we moved our stuff to an NPC station.  At some point there were a couple of move ops back, but once again I had more ships than I could move, so left that one behind with a jump clone.

And, frankly, D87E-A to GE-8JV seemed like a viable run.  Plus I had lived without that ship for something like 18 months, making it seem pretty expendable. (Plus, grabbing it would free up another clone.  I am always about three clones shy of the number I need.)  So I jump cloned over and undocked.  And I made it.

Seriously.  No drama, no hostiles, nothing.  I just gated on over, got on the titan, and took the bridge to the Keepstar.  Another ship to hand.

The promise has been that the war will be escalating, that we will be going a lot harder than we had been so far.  Titans and super carriers were moving into position, so the big toys will be available to use.  I have some ships I want to use myself, including a shiny new battleship for the Tech Fleet doctrine, which replaced the venerable Baltecs.  I still have too many Megathrons sitting around from that doctrine.

Tempest Fleet Issue awaiting its time

There is also word that Pandemic Horde might come south in force to face us.  And with Asher running the show, there are no doubt some experimental doctrines or unconventional tactics waiting to be tried.

The promise of action is before us in Tenerifis.  I hope it will come to pass and that I’ll be able to join in.  I don’t want to fly all those ships back home unused.

The Imperium Rebuffed at UALX-3

Apparently we ran out of Eagles.  Or that was the word by the time I was able to get logged in and join one of the reinforcement fleets.  I had an Eagle.  It was the ship I brought out on the first move op.

Heading eastward through an Ansiblex

But it was too late by then.  By the time I was in a fleet and up on voice coms we were being told to stand down, that we had been thwarted in our first major battle of the brewing war.

All of this was around the ihub in the system UALX-3… another system with some history, where another big fight took place… located in Tenerifis, where we were just a few weeks back.  The Imperium had reinforced the ihub and the timer came out yesterday afternoon my time.  PAPI decided to contest this and a tug of war over control of the system broke out, running for several hours.  The joys of Fozzie Sov.

Northwest Tenerifis – June 24, 2022

The system is not too far in from Catch, where we are staged currently, and would make a good forward base if we could grab it and hold it.  However, we failed to do that.  The battle report, which covers all of the systems in the constellation, because that is how the sovereignty contest system works, with nodes appearing constellation wide to fight over, showed very even numbers

Anyway, the header from the battle report:

Battle Report Header

1,400 pilots counted in the tally, divided between the two sides,  though those who don’t get on a kill mail somehow, which often means logi, don’t end up on the main report.  Still, a significant number of ships on the field, with 1,604 ships destroyed, which means there was significant numbers re-shipping and returning to the fight after they were blown up.

All told, just shy of 209 billion ISK was destroyed in the fight.  We’re not into World War Bee top ten battles territory yet… not even close… but for the opening of a conflict it is not insignificant.

The Imperium lost both the objective and the ISK was and had to pull its forces back to its staging system to regroup.  This failure means a reassessment of the plan of attack no doubt, along with a call for more supplies and more pilots to move to the staging Keepstar in Catch.  Move ops are carrying on and contracts are going up on the market to supply the war effort.

We will see how the next strike fares.

An Exit from Tenerifis and Convoys Home to Delve

The high tide of the GEF expedition into the southeast of null sec has been reached.  After purging the flood plains of FI.RE and getting into their core region of Tenerifis, the end of the road was reached.

Two leading candidates

Late last week in the system of 46DP-O on the boarder with Detroid, a barrier was hit, the extent of our grasp was reached, and the campaign seemed to have reached its conclusion.

It wasn’t a defeat.  There was a point when titans were dropped and went on to lance the locals, destroying a Machariel fleet.  Capital ships engaged.

But the sov contest failed when we lost a HAC fleet or two of our own.  FI.RE and their PAPI allies held on and going back to try again seemed like more trouble than it was worth.  We had already burned down most of their core region.

Tenerifis – May 25, 2022

Come the weekend and the fireside it was announced that we would be pulling back.  The southeast had been burned down and some other groups were testing our other frontiers.  Fraternity had grabbed HED-GP in Catch and was making threatening noises about some slight by Imperium alliance Dracarys.  Meanwhile, some bits of PAPI had been nosing around Pure Blind, so the time seemed right to head home.

Of course, leaving is a challenge all its own.  In any deployment getting all your ships back home in one piece is a challenge, and I have already complained a few times about having ships scattered all along the route or our advance.  And the locals were not going to let us get away without some harassment.  There would be no solo/yolo flights home.  Gate camps awaited us in Tenerifis and Feythabolis and they were retaking the ihubs to re-establish their own footholds again.

So the plan was to move back one staging Fortizar at a time.  Our first move would be to pull back from Tenerifis to Feythabolis, then to Esoteria, and so on down the line to home, getting everybody to each stop.  That means a week’s worth of move ops because there is always somebody who doesn’t get the word or is late or on vacation or is otherwise busy.

I had been preparing to leave some smaller ships behind for asset safety, but for the first stage of the move out I actually left nothing behind.  It took a few trips out of our main staging Fortizar, but I have everything back in Feythabolis.

Saying farewell to Tenerifis for now

That was only four ships though.  That number became six once we got to the Feythabolis staging, and will become eight when we get back to the next stop.  That includes a blockade runner and some ammo and drone supplies that I brought out and then mostly never used.

But people are generous in letting others use hangar space in the capital ships jumping back.  I hope I won’t have to fly ALL the ships I brought or bought during the campaign back home.

Eventually we’ll get close enough to home that the move ops will be quick and end in Delve.  Once I can pile everything back in the Keepstar in 1DQ1-A I’ll feel better and swear once more that I won’t end up with so many ships on a deployment.  But somehow I always do.

Follow on:

So I meant to post this LAST Monday, and then every day there was something else I wanted to post, so here we are a week later and move ops have pretty much come to a close.  FI.RE and PAPI have popped our staging Fortizar in Tenerifis, so anybody who had things left behind will have to go find them in asset safety.

But there were lots of move ops.  I ended up going on three so between two characters flying ships and somebody carrying ships in their SMA space in the capitals, I managed to get all ten ships I somehow ended up with on the deployment back home to 1DQ1-A.

Of course, it was not without its minor challenges.  Move ops, especially combined move ops with capitals, supercapitals, and subcaps, tend to be slow and problems arise, people go AFK, instructions get ignored or misunderstood.  The patience of the FCs was pretty high given all of that.

It was basically 12 gates from Omist to home thanks to the Ansiblex jump gate network.  But supers can’t go through those and when you push capitals through allied gates you sometimes empty the tank and have to make another plan.

Sometimes the Ansiblex is just out of fuel

Still, it was one of those uniquely EVE Online null sec things, convoys of ships from frigates to titans all moving together.

Carriers, dreads, and faxes taking an Ansiblex

The enemy was on the lookout for stragglers, and did try to “waterboard” us a couple of times… that being the in-game term for just making move ops miserable by using drag bubbles and interdictors to slow everything down… but it wasn’t very effective.  I think self-inflicted slow downs were much more common.

Mostly is was gate, align, wait, capitals move, subcaps cover, do a jump, wait for a timer, rinse and repeat all the way back to Delve.

I remember when capitals couldn’t take gates

There are still people moving from some of the waypoints, but the most distant two are mostly clear… or completely clear in the case of the one in Tenerifis now that the Fortizar is gone.

Now to see what is next in Delve.

Action in Tenerifis

I managed to have some free time when a big op was planned on Saturday, so was able to actually see some action up in Tenerifis.  This was a planned op with a few objectives, so I was able to get on and ready before we undocked to get on a titan.

Getting on the titan for another op

The first on our list of things to do was to go babysit a coalition Fortizar that was set to deploy.  The bridge went up and we were sent on our way deeper into Tenerifis.

Off we go

We landed deeper in the region, ready for action.

Landing after the bridge

Once there we just had to hang around and wait for the timer to count down before it could then start its final 15 minute deployment.

A new Fortizar about to finish

That part of the op passed without incident… or without enemy interference.  Somebody in our fleet by the name of Smoky DaBud started shooting the Fortizar despite it being friendly and being told multiple times over coms to knock it off.  We were promised a Fortizar to shoot, but this wasn’t it.  Eventually our FC, Apple Pear, unable to get Smoky to stop, broadcast him as a target and we shot him instead.  Boom.

At least we got on one kill mail for the fleet.

Once the Fortizar was deployed, a titan jumped in to bridge us to our next location, 46DP-O, deep within Tenerifis.

There we took up station at one of the gates to pop any of the locals or their allies from getting in to interfere with what we had going on.

Battleships holding the gate

We were there to fly cover and guard against the inevitable heavy assault cruiser response fleet the locals would pull together to stop our fun.  Multiple missions were going on and we were only part of a couple bits and pieces.

The gate duty saw some targets, but you had to be fast to lock them in time.  This was one of those times when being closer to the data center in London helped, and being in California meant even when I was on the ball I rarely got a shot off before the target died.

Eventually they got a cyno up past the gate and brought in a Cerberus fleet to counter us.  We pulled back to defend the Apostles hitting the ihub.  There we engaged with the Cerbs as they tried to swoop in and get a capital kill.

Bubbles controlling the grid around the ihub

That saw some kills, but it was after that when the real action began.  Once the ihub was set our focus was on the staging Fortizar the enemy had in the system.  We setup with a couple other fleets, The Initiative in Navy Apocs again and an Eagle fleet that flew in from 1DQ1-A, to set a time on the Fort.

The setting for the final part of our fleet

There the

Cerbs showed up again, running in and out to try and pick off targets of opportunity, while our long range guns tried to pick them off.  They focused on a couple of the Apostles that were on grid with us, acting as logi for the battle ships.  Coordinating with the gunner in the Fort, they managed to pop one of the Apostles.

The Apostle blows up

That was a blow, and our most expensive loss of the day, zKillboard figuring it being worth 5.6 billion ISK.

The Cerbs went after a second Apostle that was on grid with us, pouring missiles in at it while our logi wing went off to try and help it.

Missiles incoming

We managed to keep that Apostle alive until it was free to jump out.

We then ran off to cover some titans that were on the field with us.  As we landed one of our hictors put up a bubble, which was not something you should do.  Bubbling your own caps gets you shot.

Titans in an unplanned bubble

We had a series of bad bubbles during this fleet and Apple Pear, who is often one of the more chill FCs, was starting to get pissed off at this.  Some days we can be a trying group to lead.

After that the Fortizar was reinforced and we started heading back towards home.

Armor fight when that timer is done

However, the enemy wasn’t keep to let us slip away unscathed and chased us for a bit, slowing down our extraction.

Piling up on a gate on the way out

There were some more losses as stragglers who were not aligned or who didn’t get out of bubbles got picked off.  But that only lasted a couple of systems before we were away and back to the Fortizar we had covered earlier.  There a titan gave us a bridge back to our staging.

Bridging back at the end of the op

And that was it.  All told the action lasted about 3.5 hours.  The battle report for the whole encounter over multiple systems ended up looking like this:

Battle Report Header

Again, the number of losses seems pretty small relative to some of the clashes back during World War Bee, but this is… mostly… just a SIGs and squads deployment against a secondary group from PAPI.

Things came out in our favor, but we were clearly pushing in force on the op, and there was action going on across several systems.  Nearly 20% of our ISK losses were that one Apostle and a Paladin that got popped as well.  Some people like to bring expensive toys on ops, but they do attract attention.

That was only one of the ops that went off over the weekend, and the map of Tenerifis may look even more bleak for the locals by the end of the week.

Forward into Tenerifis

I thought I had heard… and I might be mistaken… that Tenerifis, was going to be the line in the sand, the end of the flood plains and the beginning of the real defense, the place where FI.RE and their PAPI allies would make their stand.  This would be the tough nut to crack.  There was even some loose talk about making this a more formal coalition deployment, as I hinted last week.

And so we formed up and bridged in this past weekend to test this, taking on some of their structures.

The fleet landing on its way to the shoot

But when we got there, we only really had the structure to contend with, a Pandemic Horde Fortizar on its armor timer.

Not as Kinky as all that really

We rolled out in the Baltec doctrine, which is Megathrons and Apocalypses, while The Initiative was out in the Navy Apocs.

INIT showing off with a starburst

But the PAPI threat never quite materialized.  They threw some bombs at us from the fort, but we shot ourselves more than they shot us as the GEF and INIT FCs each had their fleets shoot the other’s leader.  I think the main casualty was John Hartley, who got shot after he booshed part of the GEF fleet off of our orbits.  A Bifrost doesn’t hold up like a Monitor does.

There was a threat of getting bombed on the gate, or maybe some stragglers getting caught by dictors as we moved to leave, but it didn’t happen.  We took precautions, stayed safe, and got home… except for John Hartley I guess.

And that seemed to be the way things played out even when we started taking down their ihubs and laying down our own.  The Imperium grabbed some of their core space.

Tenerifis – May 18, 2022

Of course, once we did that and set down some structures of our own, it was time to move into a new staging system to be all the closer to the the alleged action.

And, frankly, move ops are going to be the end of me.  I will never recover financially from leaving ships strewn about the southeast of null sec.

Well, it isn’t that bad.  I haven’t actually spent much ISK on ships.  Almost everything I deployed was World War Bee surplus, save for a Sleipner.  Frankly, I’d like to lose a few of them just to get some ISK out of insurance and reimbursement because I sank a lot of ISK… for me at least… into ships in anticipation of a bloody defense of our final constellation in Delve.  But it never came to pass.  So I am hull rich and kind of ISK poor.

Fortunately, the coalition hasn’t gone through a round of doctrine changes.  The only new item was the Sleipner doctrine, meant to supplant Muninns… and then the we gave up on it once I had one in my hangar.  But that is the way it goes sometimes as a coalition line member.  I have hulls in my hangar back in Delve just waiting for some old doctrine to return.

My main problem is just not having that much free time to be a part of the deployment.  It has been a busy couple of months and I can go a week or ten days between ops, which seemed to be just about the right amount of time for us to need to move to a new staging system, hence my anxiety.

So I don’t really have much to report, just some nice screen shots I have taken here and there when I do manage to get on something that isn’t just a move op.

Baltec fleet bridging out again

The campaign is far from done though, so opportunities still await.

The Campaign in the Southeast of Null Sec

I mentioned back in March that the Goon Expeditionary Force, a SIG within the Imperium, was deploying to the southeast of null sec.  Initially it was to push back PAPI forces that were encroaching on some of our allies in Esoteria.

The one on the left is the official GEF forum bee, but I am too lazy to make another graphic

The situation was reversed and soon the GEF were pushing PAPI and its allies back into FI.RE territory, bashing structures, popping ihubs, and getting a fun fight now and then.  Nothing huge, nothing to make any headlines, just the sort of nuts and bolts operations that keep those of us who are into the push and shove of null sec invested and busy doing something.

I’m not like The Mittani, complaining about wretched peace.  But I have little else but war left in the game that interests me.  It hasn’t been much of a war, but it is the only one we’ve had.  And there have been some accomplishments.  Look at the ihub map of Omist:

Omist region – May 10, 2022

I think that is the first region map I have posted since the weekly World War Bee updates.

All of the ihubs have been knocked out, save for the one The Initiative planted in the forward staging system.

My only problem with the campaign so far is that I have been away for almost three weeks during the whole thing so far, and every time I come back the staging system has moved and I have to get ships to a new system.  I have things strewn across our path into the east

But the whole thing seems to be coming to a head.  We have pushed through most of the… lets call them flood plains, to borrow a term from another conflict… and have started knocking on the door of some core territory that FI.RE, and PAPI as a whole, might be more invested in defending.  The Tenerifis region has them forming up and defending more aggressively, calling up friends and family to join in the fight.

I was in a scuffle late last week in the system of ZO-P5K where we reinforced an ihub and drew quite a response.

My Megathron out by the ihub

Then, just yesterday, while I was at work… so I had to watch the pings while I tried to focus on what I was supposed to be doing… another clash broke out as GEF reinforced an ihub in T2-V8F.  A battle developed that actually got a call for reinforcements from Delve, with The Mittani breaking into the strategic tilde reserve in his pings to emphasize that this might build to something.

The battle report shows about an even exchange between attackers and defenders.

T2-V8F Battle Report Header

Now, by World War Bee standards, a battle that didn’t even break the 30 billion mark in losses barely registers.  Those are some peacetime losses.  But getting 750 characters on the field, for something that isn’t a war, but just a SIG deployment… that feels like it could build to something.

Of course we just had the Siege Green update on Tuesday, which made capital ships a bit more replaceable.  And, if you go look at that battle report, you will see capital ships on the field for that ihub reinforcement.  Not a lot, and all on the Imperium side this time.  But maybe we might see more given the industry changes.  One can only hope.

Anyway, a little conflict has been brewing.  Wholesale coalition conflicts have brewed up from less than what we’re up to now.  The entosis battle over the ihub is tomorrow in EUTZ and it will be interesting to see how big of a draw the fight will be.  We will have to see how it goes.

A Five Keepstar Day

While I was at work the Keepstars I highlighted earlier in the week were destroyed.  The EU time zone team got some shiny kills.

The Keepstar lineup on zKillboard

While I only mentioned four in my post it turns out that there was a fifth ready to be knocked off down in Tenerifis which TEST took care of.  The five kill mails:

All told that is at least a trillion ISK in losses inflicted in a single day without much in the way of resistance.

The question is now what happens next in the war?


A Keepstar Lives in Tenerifis

If at first you don’t succeed…

Last night saw the second Keepstar deployed in UALX-3 in the Tenerifis region come online successfully.

Home for Executive Dino

The circumstances of the past few days allowed this to conclude successfully.  The big fight over the first attempt to anchor a Keepstar in UALX-3 led to the node crashing after the Keepstar had been destroyed but before the attackers could extract themselves from the system, leaving many pilots trapped, logged off on the grid where the fight took place.  This area was covered by anchored bubbles by TEST who have been camping the area since the system came back up.

A field of bubbles waiting for people to log back in

With a fleet trapped and camped in the system and TEST able to anchor a cyno jammer to prevent reinforcements, the stage was set for the second Keepstar to online successfully.

I did not get to hang around and watch the Keepstar come online, but I was there earlier in the day to join in the camp and to watch the Fortizar that was anchored on the edge of the bubbled area come online.

Just before it started to anchor

You can see a large covering force around the Fortizar, with the bubbles nearby and the Keepstar, still a few hours from anchoring, in the background.

Once anchored, the Fortizar was a handy location for carriers to sit as they sent fighters out into the bubble camped area.

Meanwhile, as the camp dragged on, it seems that the FCs of the trapped fleet started telling members logged off but stuck in the bubbles to petition to have their ships moved by a GM under the theory that they were trapped.  I guess given a wide enough definition of the word they were trapped, but not in the way that CCP intended when it comes to asking for GM help, so CCP felt the need to issue a news bulletin on the topic.

UALX-3 Fleet Fights – Misfiling of “Stuck” Tickets

Over the course of the last twelve hours, we’ve been made aware of instructions being broadcast by the leaders of several alliances to file “Stuck” support tickets in order to have their capitals, supercarriers and titans moved out of the system of “UALX-3” by the GM Team.

This comes after a node death occured at around 09:00 UTC on July 19th, during a large scale engagement over an anchoring Keepstar, which resulted in the attacking forces being sieged in the system.

Our policies are clear when dealing with large-scale player engagements, and the GM Team will not intervene and move capitals, supercarriers or titans for pilots involved in these kinds of fleet fights, as per our Reimbursement Policy:

“Any losses of any kind resulting from a large-scale player engagement are not covered by this reimbursement policy.”

Furthermore, it is not possible for us under any circumstance to move ships sporting their own Jump Drive. This is clarified in our “Inaccessible Assets And Returning Players” article:

“Ships sporting their own jump drive are assumed to be capable of jumping themselves out quickly without the usage of a gate and no exception or move will be granted to these ships.”

Please be aware that the GM Team will not grant relocation of ships involved in large-scale player engagements, and that attempts at co-oridinated mass filing support tickets in order to avoid the destruction of ships involved in engagements of this nature may be considered abuse of the support ticket system.

Pandemic Legion an its allies aren’t going to get CCP to move them out, so the camp continues.  According to zKillboard it looks like there was an attempt to break out some dreadnoughts early this morning, leading to a series of kills,

But the camp won’t last forever.  People will either try to break out and either succeed or get blown up, or hunker down and wait the long wait until the locals get tired of deploying bubbles and sitting around waiting for people to log in.  Given that there are some titans yet to be accounted for, the camp may go on for a while.

Keepstar and Fortizar watching the bubble camp

And, of course, the next question is, “What now?”  Will deploying this Keepstar and trapping some of the attacking capital fleet blunt the attacks on TEST and its allies in the south?  Will the Imperium, which showed up in force for these Keepstars, stay in the south, return to Delve, or move back to the northern front once more to assail Circle of Two and Guardians of the Galaxy?

Then there is the propaganda war on Reddit, which has reached a high water mark of smug from the defenders.  Some examples:

Addendum: Meanwhile CCP Falcon has taken the time to lay down some facts on Reddit about some controversial aspects or misunderstandings about battle and subsequent stranding of capitals in UALX-3 in order to set the record straight on what CCP will and will not do.

A Keepstar Dies in Tenerifis and Another Appears

A pattern is starting to emerge in the current null sec war.  Keepstar fights are becoming a regular thing.  We might end up calling this the Keepstar War.

The latest round unfolded on Wednesday night/Thursday morning in the system UALX-3 in the Tenerifis region, close to the boarder with Catch.  TEST had dropped a Keepstar in the system the night before, a deliberate challenge to Pandemic Legion and its allies attacking from the southeast.

The attackers could not let the Keepstar online.  Killing a Keepstar as it anchors is a one shot deal, if they could manage it.  If they let it anchor and be fueled up, the attackers would have to go through the three rounds of shield, armor, and structure fights in order to dispatch it.  So there was a good deal of incentive to take care of business immediately and a fight ensued.

It was a huge fight, with ~4,000 people participating and hundreds of ships being destroyed as Pandemic Legion and its allies piled into the system.  The Imperium, now blue to TEST and the Legacy Coalition, showed up in force to help defend the Keepstar and things escalated into capitals and super capitals.

A screen shot from the fight

I was not at the fight, so that screen shot comes from Xsubdude’s Imgur gallery of pictures from the fight.  Definitely worth a look.

According to a Reddit live blog of the fight, which will give you a timeline, the losses were a follows:


  • 9 titans
  • 18 dreads
  • 74 Force Auxiliaries
  • 628 subcaps
  • 729 ships total
  • 1.09T isk lost


  • 4 titans
  • 339 dreads
  • 613 subcaps
  • 956 ships total
  • 1.45T isk lost (figure includes Keepstar loss @ .3T isk)
  • 1.15T isk lost in ships alone

The large number of dreadnoughts represent TEST dread bombing the attacking titans and their support repeatedly.

There are battle reports circulating, though so many parties were involved in the fight it is hard to tell if everybody is lined up correctly.  It mostly matches the stats above, though since fighters get counted on battle reports, the total kills are higher.  I had to fix two parties at that link and I am sure it still isn’t wrong somewhere.  But I grabbed screen shots of the stats from DOTLAN the next morning and the 24 hour stat shows that UALX-3 and the Tenerifis region were high on the list of destruction.

Taken about five hours after the fight

The fight was set to carry on until down time, with both sides locked together and more forces poised to jump in, but the node crashed.  However, but that point the Keepstar was already dead, so the attackers had won both the objective and the ISK war.

So what do you do after you lose a Keepstar, lose the ISK war, and the node dies so you can’t even keep killing enemy titans?

Well, step one is to anchor bubbles all over the last known location of the hostiles so if they start logging in again you can pick them off.  The node crash left them all on the field so you might as well try to grab them.

A field of bubbles waiting for people to log back in

And, of course, you need a lot of watchers to grab anybody who logs back in.

All those blues are hungry for guests

And, of course, you bubble up the gates and generally try to keep a lid on the system so you have a good chance of blowing up anybody foolish enough to log back in alone after the fight.  The combined effort seems to have been effective in picking off people trying to log back in to escape, though that has been limited to subcaps.  Nobody has sacrificed a titan that way yet.

Finally, I guess if you’re Progodlegend, you drop another Keepstar right where you lost the old one.

Another Keepstar coming up!

The Keepstar War continues!  Even CCP seemed surprised.

And for good measure, you drop a Fortizar as well right next to where the bubble farm is.

Fortizar coming online

The Keepstar is set to come out at 02:00 EVE Online time, which will be 7pm in the evening for me.  We have other plans for the evening, so I am going to miss at least the open rounds of this next event.  But I have a stealth bomber in a safe spot in the system should I get home in time to look in on the fun.

Pandemic Legion and their allies already have a capital and super capital force on grid, so it will be easy for them to join in I suppose.  However, the defenders know right where they are, so can position themselves accordingly, and preparations are already under way for this next event, as well as for any break out attempt by the attackers.  There is even a rumor of a cyno jammer going up in the system, because after Keepstars it is cyno jammers as a possible theme for this war.

Where it will all happen

In a few hours we will see what both sides have planned for their Friday nights.

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