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Making Merry

Last Saturday night we decided to do a little work on the current holiday in WoW, the Feast of Winter Veil, with our main Alliance characters.

This is our second pass through the holiday, so we had all knocked off at least a couple of the achievements.  In fact, for the most part, we were all reasonably well set up to get the meta achievement and the title except for one item.  We all still needed the Winter Veil hat for the ‘Tis the Season achievement.

The hat is the “fight a boss” item.  You have a couple of choices for the boss.  We decided to go with Grand Magus Telestra in the Nexus.   So Bung, Ula, Skronk, and Vikund, who were all on a bit early, headed out to Coldarra

This turned out to be pretty quick.  At level 80, if you walk the right path and take care, you only have to kill two patrolling mobs before you get to Telestra.

However, if you want to play it safe, you should probably kill the four guards in the room with her.  When she starts flinging people around the room there is a chance you’ll aggro them if you’re not careful.  We did that on the first run.

Not that it mattered.  Being level 80 in a level 70-ish instance means room for error.

We did managed to screw up now and again.  Only one hat drops per fight, so we had to reset and redo our run three more times after the first fight.  We did find out, for example, that there are no invisible walls to keep you from falling off of those bridges between platforms.  Skronk managed to prove that point.

But in the end, we all got out hats.

Hats all around

By that point Earl had joined us and we got out the horde characters for our first run into Scarlet Monastery.  The line up for that was:

28 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
29 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
30 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
30 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
30 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)

We used the new dungeon finder interface to teleport our group to the instance, avoiding all that messy travel.

The point of entry

We were looking to do the graveyard section of Scarlet Monastery.

The graveyard should be pretty familiar to us by now, having done the area at level quite a while back then having visited repeatedly during the last two Hallow’s End celebrations.

Into the graveyard again

The graveyard went quickly.  Quickly enough that I really didn’t take any further screen shots.

After that, we talked about moving on to the next section of the instance, but Earl was tired out so we decided to call it a night for the group at that point, having at least advanced our instance march one more notch.

At that point the evening became a casual affair.  Skronk and I headed to Dalaran to see if we couldn’t close off the last couple of achievements.  Working together we managed to spot all of the race/class combos we needed for the snowflake achievement, allowing us both to claim the title.

We’re still on a holiday achievement roll.  I think the Lunar Festival is next up on the list.  And more Scarlet Monastery for the horde group.

The Nexus Reloaded

I was not even sure we were going to manage a run at the Nexus by the time Saturday night came around.  I was beat from a long day, we were getting started late, and Earl was having a problem with his talent points.  It looked like it might be another postponement.

But then we discovered that Earl’s talent point problem was caused by the fact that he had the new “preview talent changes” option selected, which meant he had to click a button to commit his talent point selections, something he failed to notice. (I expect a full post from Syncaine on how this feature was ripped off from WAR and the evil that is Blizzard by Friday.)

That issue out of the way, we formed up outside of the Nexus and got ready for the assault.  Out group was:

73 Priest – Skronk
73 Warlock – Bungholio
73 Warrior – Earlthecat
74 Mage – Ula
74 Paladin – Vikund

All lined up we got ourselves into the instance and gazed again upon the final boss, Keristrasza, locked in ice, waiting for us.  But you have to kill the other three bosses first before you can free her.

He is only decorative at this point

She is only decorative at this point

Last time we went counter-clockwise, so we decided to head clockwise this time.  This lead us towards Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, but not before having to battle through some very persistent foliage.

The elite mobs were not so bad, but the non elite flowers that wandered that wing of the instance have a bad habit of not staying dead.  You beat them down, they curl up, but they do not die.  Instead the sprout again and come after you.  They aren’t that dangerous, just annoying, as we would prep for a fight only to find ourselves knee deep (or armpit deep for the gnomes) in hostile flowers again.

Still, we persisted and cast a lot of area affect spells, and got through to Ormorok.  In one of the minor traditions of our group, we decided to go after him without any research.  We just dove in at him.

And we won.

He had some interesting area attacks that seemed to upset the casters, but overall we came through it without a lot of drama.

Ormorok Deceased

Ormorok Deceased

Fortunately, with Ormorok’s demise, all the vindictive herbage fell dead as well, so we went unmolested some ways back to the main path.

From there we wandered a bit trying to find our way to Anomalus, the next boss.  He is up on a platform and the ramp to him was hidden on the far side from the direction we approached.  It was a short delay though, and we were soon facing him.  As before, we went in without intel just to see how it went.

We wiped.

Anomauls summons all manner of rifts and we were not certain if we should ignore them, target some of them, or destroy them all.  After the wipe we looked it up and the message was destroy them all.  So Bung and Ula got rift duty and we swept on to victory.

Like most arcane elementals, Anomalus did not leave much of a corpse behind.

That's it?

That's it?

Then it was more platform walking and clearing until we got to the blood elf section, the Librarium.  Along the way to Grand Magus Telestra we managed to wipe again.  It was getting late, we were getting a little sloppy, and we started bypassing groups.  But then in a fight with one group of four we backed up into another such group that we had gone around and we were toast.

Once back in we decided to clear counter-clockwise as we had done last time.  We also started using paladin crowd control.  There in the retribution talent tree is a skill called Repentence that I had never used before.  It can put down humanoids, dragons, demons, giants, and the undead for up to a minute.  A nice little addition to our group.

We practiced dual crowd control pulls, Ula polymorphing and me… um… repenting? repentencing?  anyway, me taking a target out of play, more to get a feel for it than because we needed it.  It worked well.

And so we made our way back to the Grand Magus.  We had slain her previously, but I went to check if there was anything special we should know.  It suggested that at the point where she clones herself into arcane, frost, and fire versions of herself that we polymorph the frost version to keep damage down.  But the three clones pop up fairly close and both Earl and I depend to a certain extent on area attacks for damage, aggro management, and a bit of healing.  So we ended up breaking crowd control pretty quickly.  We won all the same.  Still a fun and chaotic fight though!

We've killed you before

We've killed you before lady

And so all that was left was to, you know, kill the dragon.

A dragon fight!

Dragon fights are special.  Dragons are special.  Simulated old maps rarely ever have things written in sparse areas that say, “Here be giant arcane marshmallow things,” or “Here be a blonde mage with pointy ears,” or even “Here be some giant ancestor of the Lorax.”

No, they always say, “Here be dragons.”

So we were a bit stoked to actually be fighting a dragon.  It had been a long time since we faced one of any flavor.  In fact, we may not have faced one of any sort since we did Blackrock Spire access.

Anyway, expecting the usual dragon tactics of breath weapons and tail swipes, we put Earl out front and everybody else on Keristrasza’s flanks and went after her.

And got eaten.

Keristrasza victorious

Keristrasza victorious

It was time for research while we recovered and rebuffed.

We ARE going back in there

We ARE going back in there

We looked up Keristrasza and all her attacks and were trying to decide how to deal with all of her frost damage when I remembered what Smackendehed said in a comment to last week’s instance group post, “When you turn blue, jump.”  With that, all the information we had made sense and we went back to face the dragon again.

So we did the the Pogo while Keristrasza did the Worm and we were victorious without much drama.

Dragons defeated in three tries or less or your money refunded in full!

Dragons defeated in three tries or less or your money refunded in full!

And we had finished the Nexus!


Next week we get to look into Azjol-Nerub, the name of which sounds mildly rude.

Ingvar’s Head

Cutting straight to the chase, we killed Ingvar the Plunderer last Saturday night.


Go us!  Utgarde Keep completed!

In fact, we plowed through Utgarde Keep like… well… like we had had some practice.  We took out the trash mobs and killed all the bosses on the first try.  Ingvar, he’s a dead man !  Keleseth, dead! Niedermeyer, dead! Skarvald, dead!

The team for this adventure was:

73 Priest – Skronk
73 Mage – Ula
73 Warlock – Bungholio
73 Warrior – Earlthecat
74 Paladin – Vikund

And while we got through the instance in record (for us) time, our fight with Ingvar was a near run thing.

Plate Wearers, Play Dead!

Plate Wearers, Play Dead!

Just as we were beating Ingvar down below that last 10%, Earl and Vikund got zapped, leaving only the cloth wearing casters to take on the big boss.  Fortunately, he only had a few hit points left so a final hail of magic did him in.

Ingvar Defeated

Ingvar Defeated

We collected his head for the quest that we had all been holding in our log for the last few months, took our victory picture, and then started looking for the way out.  As if pretty typical of WoW instances, there is a short cut from the last boss to the exit.  In Utgarde Keep the quick way out involves jumping into a large, square shaft into some water.

I hope that water is deep enough

I hope that water is deep enough

Just do that twice, and hope they haven’t drained the pool for cleaning, and you’re back by the entrance.

All told, we wrapped up the keep in about 90 minutes, which left us with some more time to do something.  So we thought we would scout out the next instance on the agenda, The Nexus.

That meant a flight all the way across Northrend, which gave us all time to go get a snack or refresh our drink.

Once there, we had to find our way in.   I ran to the first swirly zone-entrance looking thing I saw.

Not The Entrance

Not The Entrance

No, the entrance is actually down below that area.  That glowing swirly appears to be just decorative for the moment.

Once we got the the actual way in, we had a choice of directions, this being one of those mult-wing instances it seems.  We went left and eventually ran into some people trapped in ice.

So Cool

So Cool

You cannot just walk past them however.  The ice seems to be there to keep them fresh… fresh to kill you!  Once you get too close, they break out and attack you.  You think somebody is going to be cool for once, and then they start wailing on you.

We fought our way along until we found a boss, Grand Magus Olestra.  And she is a blood elf that will cause you some leakage.

We cleared out her cronies and decided to just go after her without any pre-fight research.  This turned out to be one of the best boss fights so far in Northrend.  She has all sorts of crazy attacks and was throwing us all over the room in what must have been one of the most active battles we have been through in a long time.

Of course, the fact that we won made it that much better.

However, by that point the hour was getting late.  We declared our reconissance into The Nexus a success and vowed to be back next Saturday.