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Cat on a Bear

Here is Torill, my Kerra Fury, astride the level 20, first mountable version of the bear pet that came with The Shadow Odyssey.

There is something just odd about seeing a Kerra riding a bear.  But then, there is something just odd about a humanoid, bi-pedal cat.

Unfortunately, as a mount he is not as fast as my own speed buffs, so I am inclined to just run rather than ride.  Plus his running animation is just ever so slightly off from his actual speed which, once I noticed, started to bug me.  But now that I have pointed it out, it will probably bug you too.  You’re welcome.

And, yes, that is the five year veteran reward pixie on a string flying over my right shoulder.  It leaves a nice, sparklie trail as I ride.  I want to see a Fae with a pixie now.

Shadow Odyssey by Noon

The Fry’s ad in the paper promises to have The Shadow Odyssey on the shelves and available by noon today, and at the discounted price of $34.99, five dollars off of the list price.

So it looks like I will be getting the $35 Dire Bear.

We’ll see if I can actually find a box on the way home from work tonight.