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More Time in Terokkar

The Saturday night group spent another evening in Terokkar trying to get some experience and maybe a nice drop or two. We went in, as last week, a stack of level 65 toons.

65 Warlock – Bungholio
65 Mage – Ula
65 Priest – Skronk
65 Paladin – Vikund
65 Warrior – Earlthecat

We ran around chasing quests in the orc strewn Bonechewer Ruins and blood elf outpost at Firewing Point, but the biggest battles we faced were in the Bone Wastes again.

We ended up in the Tomb of Lights a couple of times, the final run being for the group quest, The Vengeful Harbinger.

If you want all of the style of the Mana Tombs, but a lot less of the whole dying routine, the Tomb of Lights is the place to head. It has the same Tesla School of Interior Design theme without all the nasty, mana soaking elites.

The quest involves fighting our way to a point in the tombs and summoning tomb guardian, then defending him as a set of nasties tries to stop his work. The Lights part of the Tomb of Lights must refer to the light show you get when you summon the guardian.

The glowy thing at the top of the chamber.

The event itself was not too dramatic. A couple of waves of three mad, evil dranei, then the harbinger himself and it was done. Pretty quick.

So quick, in fact, that one of us missed the kick off and we ended up doing it twice, and it still didn’t take very long.

That was the wrap-up for the evening for the group.

During that time, Ula, Skronk, and Vikund hit level 66. Earl was close and ground a little bit more and hit 66, while Bung was brought pretty close to level.
We are now, as a group, a level up and slightly better equipped than we were for our first run at the Mana Tombs. We will see if that, plus our experience from the first run, makes much of a difference.