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WoW Classic Sunday Morning Bits and Pieces

As we approach the end of the fourth week of WoW Classic a lot of things seem to have settled down, but there are still some bits of news and changes coming out about the game.

The Classic Background

In the ongoing server load saga, Blizzard opened up free realm transfers for overcrowded realms in both the North America and the EU.  Transfers are expected to remain available through tomorrow at least, though may stay open longer if realm populations do not sort out.

In addition, Blizzard has opened up a couple of new servers.   On the North American side, a new Spanish language server, Lothab (PvP), has been added, under the new Latin America tab, in the server selection.

Also added was a Brazilian server, Sul’thraze (PvP), which appears under the new Brazil tab in the server selection.

On the EU side a Spanish server, Mandokir (PvP), has been added, under the new Spanish tab, in server selection.

Free transfers to both servers will be available through the end of the month.  This brings the realm count up to… I don’t know… a lot… more than double what they started with and that doesn’t count the fact that they also doubled the number of people allowed on a server.

In other new, a suspect has been arrested in relation to the DDoS attack on Blizzard and WoW Classic.  During the second weekend of WoW Classic the game was subject to a DDoS attack by a group calling themselves UKdrillas, who bragged about the attack on Twitter.

Asmogold always seems to be a target

The UKdrillas account was suspended by Twitter by the end of the day and Blizzard set out to work with authorities to find the culprits.  If they caught one of them they will no doubt pressure them to roll over on any co-conspirators.  We shall see how that plays out.

On in-game focus, Blizzard put up a post in the forums in an effort to help people get around Azeroth.  The retail game is heavily populated by flight points, with multiple in a single zone being common.  But back in the old days it was pretty much one flight point per zone, and you needed all the connecting flight to get between any two given points.

While the Blizzard post is a nod to the change, I think the WoWHead Classic entry on travel, which includes maps, is a better option.

Blizzard also posted a city tour of Orgrimmar, complete with map.  I’ve seen that map somewhere before recently.

Blizzard also fixed an exploit that was allowing people to respawn dungeon bosses in order to farm them for drops.  They said those who abused the exploit would be punished, though they clarified what counts as abuse.

Finally, Blizzard released another Classic with the Creators video, this time with Pat Nagle.

Pat Nagle is probably best know for his name having been borrowed and re-arranged for use as the Azerothian  fishing master and trainer, Nat Pagle.

WoW Classic gets a DDoS Attack

All I wanted to do was play a little WoW Classic while I ate my lunch on a Saturday afternoon.  But this was what I got.

Should I try again?

A group calling themselves UKDrillas on Twitter decided to go after WoW Classic today.  They had started against against Wikipedia yesterday, but moved on to WoW Classic, seemingly to go after streamers on the US PvP servers.

Asmongold always seems to be on that list

As of my writing this I seem able to get into the game on Bloodsail Buccaneers, however I end up getting dropped fairly frequently, no doubt a side effect of the attack on the PvP servers.  Overwatch, which shares the same data center, is also down.

There hasn’t been much word about this outside of the Classic WoW subreddit.  No doubt Blizzard is working on the issue, while the WoW news sites seems a bit behind the curve. (They have a post but they aren’t saying much.)  But for a bit we were able to see WoW Classic servers showing up with low population counts.

A rare site these days

Not that things were getting better as time went along.

Now the servers are gone!

As for the attackers, they are free to disrupt things for now.  Groups like this have popped up before.  I remember LulzSec hitting EVE Online and other sites back in the day.  I also recall a bunch of them ending up arrested eventually.  It happens.  We’ll see how this plays out.

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