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Nintendo Valentine

We have something of a Valentine’s Day tradition going at our house now.

Last year my wife gave me a Wii for Valentine’s Day.

This year, a Nintendo DS Lite joined the family.

Yes, my wife, who brought up the idea of having a DS for travel entertainment, then rejected the idea, changed her mind.

So today I was sent out to get a DS. Pink or Red were the desired color choices.

When I came home with a Cobalt Blue DS, my wife was not happy.

I explained that I went to three locations and saw no red models and only one pink, and it was a returned unit at Fry’s. There are few rules I follow as religiously as never buying something from Fry’s that has been returned. No, never.

She got on the phone, found a pink unit at a Toys R Us across town, and sent me out to get it.

I returned with it and three games, plus the accessory kit. Basically I spent as much as the Wii cost last year.

The games I got were:

  • Pokemon Diamond: Because federal law mandates that anybody owning a DS must have at least one Pokemon game
  • LEGO Star Wars: We loved it on the GameCube, we loved it on the Wii, I thought we might like it on the DS
  • Mario Party DS: Again, it looked fun and we liked the Wii version

My daughter was very excited tonight when she got her Valentine’s Day present. She had to call one of her friends who also has a DS and tell him about it.

We sat up later than usual, half an hour past bed time, playing Pokemon. I might be in trouble with this game. Not because it is too fun, but because there is a lot of reading involved, a lot more than a kindergarten aged child is really capable of reading. So I end up having to read most of it aloud.

I really know nothing about the DS game selection. What games out there are good for the precocious soon-to-be-first-grader set?