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The Pokemon 20th Anniversary Continues with a Victini Event and More

The celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pokemon continues.  This month’s legendary Pokemon is Victini.

Victini for Victory

Victini for Victory

Victini first showed up as a special download for Pokemon Black & White back in March of 2011.

Get Victini!

The original download event, March 2011

Instructions on how to download Victini to your copy of Pokemon X and Y or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are available on the Pokemon site.  You have until September 24th to make it happen.

And with Victini available, that leaves just three more 20th anniversary downloads this year.


  • October – Keldeo (Nintendo Network)
  • November – Genesect (GameStop)
  • December – Meloetta (Nintendo Network)

Of course, the focus on this year’s celebration has largely been on the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon.  Last week it was announced that those who purchase Pokemon Sun & Moon before January 11, 2017 will be able to download a special Munchlax.

Munchlax for you

Munchlax for you

Munchlax evolves into Snorlax who, after 20 years of laying about, will actually have its own special Z-move attack as part of the upcoming title.

Snorlax in his usual role as sleeping obsctruction

Snorlax in his usual role as sleeping obstruction

All of which is covered in this month’s preview video.

Finally, on the Pokemon Go front, Niantic has announced their next upcoming feature, a buddy system that allows you to choose a Pokemon to travel with that will earn bonuses and rewards.  Hopefully Niantic carries on building Pokemon Go into a full fledged Pokemon game.

Victini Available for Download Again Through Dec. 31

In celebration of the release of the Pokemon movie… erm… movies… you see there is Pokémon the Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram and Pokémon the Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom… because that is the sort of forward thinking that got Nintendo where it is today… now where was I?

Oh, yes.

Because of… the movie thing… Nintendo is making Victini available for download via Nintendo WiFi again.

Victini - Fire and Psychic Pokemon

This Victini download is different from the previous one.  This Victini is higher level, has a special ability, and is the star of the 14th Pokemon movie (and only the second or third not to go straight to video).  This Victini also goes straight into your party.  There is no need to get the Liberty pass and go catch him.

The instructions on how to download Victini are available at the Pokemon Black & White web site.

Remember that this is NOT an in-store event, but a download you can do from any WiFi internet access point.

Meanwhile, there is still no official work from Nintedo on the next Pokemon game.

First Pokemon Black and White Download Event – Victini

Pokemon Black and White has only been out for a few days and there is already a download even for the game.

Actually, the download event was announced BEFORE Black and White came out and information about the event is in the box with the game.

From March 6th through April 10th you will be able to download a special item via Nintendo WiFi that will unlock an encounter with the Pokemon Victini.

Get Victini!

This is the only way to unlock the encounter to let you capture this new Pokemon.

Given how far in advance Nintendo started announcing this download event (the picture above is from an email I received on February 3rd), this was obviously part of the campaign to get people to buy Pokemon Black and White as close to launch day as possible.

But Pokemon is not an MMORPG but a console game, and the success or failure of a console game is often determined by those first day, first week, first month sales.  There is no ongoing subscription revenue stream.  They have to sell boxes.  And in something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more you sell early on, the more you tend to sell over all.  So day one sales matter to them.  A lot.

GameFreak, which is the developer who actually makes the Pokemon games, has been on a pace to release a new… or revamped… Pokemon game every year in a very predictable pattern.  (Next spring there should be a roll-up version of Pokemon Black and White.  What will they call it? Pokemon Gray?)

Anyway, last year’s game no longer matters.  While both Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver each made the top 10 list of console games sold last year (combined they were in 3rd place by one report I read) that is all last year’s news.  Now they have to sell the new game.

And so we have this promotion.  Buy the game NOW or you won’t have access to one of the new Pokemon!  The console market drives the developer’s behavior which, in turn leads them to try to incent us to behave in the way that is optimum for them.

Fortunately for them… and for me I suppose… I am on board with their plan.

As for the actual download, remember that this is NOT an in-store event.

To download the Liberty Pass which will open up the Victini encounter you must access Nintendo Wifi via a wireless connection to the internet.  How to connect to Nintendo Wifi is covered in the game instruction booklet.

Full details on the event are available at the Pokemon Black and White web site.

Remember, you have only until April 10th to get this download.

(And does Victini sound like a special cocktail from Trader Vic’s to anybody else?)