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Who Owns Podcasting?

As a podcast listener and occasional guest on shows like Shut Up We’re Talking and Witty Ranter, I have a mild vested interest in podcasting.

So it was with some interest that I read about a company called VoloMedia that was granted a patent last week for “method for providing episodic media content.”  Or, as it has been immediately spun, podcasting.

A detailed account is posted over at Ars Technica.

If you deliver episodic content over the internet, they believe they own you.  Podcasts are part of it, but VoloMedia is aiming for anybody delivering episodic content as downloads.

Of course, this is going to cause some controversy.

I have to imagine that those involved with creating RSS are going to have a few words to say on the subject.

And then there is Sun Microsystems, now owned by Oracle, who it is claimed invented podcasting starting with work done back in 1999.

And, frankly, there has been podcast-like technology in progress for well over a decade.

How soon before Adam Curry speaks out on the subject?

Myself, I suspect that this will amount to very little in the end.  Prior art will nip this in the bud.

We’ll see if I come to regret that opinion.