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Who Holds the Oldest Null Sec Sovereignty?

And other bits of sovereignty trivia that are on my mind.

December 2, 2009

We were chatting about the war and the shifting tides of color on the null sec sovereignty map, and the assertion was put forth that our alliance, TNT, has the longest continuous sovereignty claim in null sec.  Specifically, we have held the system K5F-Z2 since December 2009.

My thoughts, after some mild amazement, fell into the usual, “How do we know that is true?”  I have trained myself to be a bit of a skeptic, something I am trying to pass along to my daughter.

The first thing I did was look at the sovereignty maps for the December 2009 time frame.  That would show me large swaths of space that had changed hands when compared with the current map, thus eliminating those as possibilities.  The sov map archive is a treasure.

Sovereignty - December 3, 2009

Sovereignty – December 3, 2009

You can see the mention of K5F in the change list at the top left.  TNT doesn’t hold enough sov to actually show up on the map until a few months later, when the purple dot begins to show up.

The map itself is quite different from today, with many names that no longer exist, as well as a fair number that are still around.  RAZOR is actually in the same place now as they were back then, though they had a hiatus away before they returned to Tenal in the north.  The east has some familiar players, but has changed hands so many times that I doubt there are any challenges to the record there.  The Goons are in Delve… because “Goons in Delve” has the solidity of “white on rice” in the context of EVE.  We’ll see what happens when TEST evacuates.  And the only other possible contender for duration held seems to be Curatores Veritatis Alliance down in Providence.

However, CVA has had its problems over the years, losing and regaining sovereignty.  It looks, in manually clicking through systems they currently hold, that their oldest system only goes back to 2010.

So my half-assed attempt to verify the assertions appears to show that TNT’s claim on K5F-Z2 may in fact be the longest one currently running in null sec.

Now is the point when somebody shows up and proves me wrong.

What About Delve?

The word went out a week ago or so that, in the wake of losing Fountain, TEST was going to evacuate Delve and move to low sec space to do… whatever they think they are going to do there.  This struck me as a bit odd.  Various alliances have their own metrics for what makes them what they are, and I had a sense that TEST was one of those that felt they were only really a player if they held sovereignty in null sec.  I guess I was wrong on that.

In the wake of this there have been attempts to write this chapter of EVE in the usual irreverent manner.  Endie is also a treasure.  Meanwhile TEST continues to break apart and attack itself as people pick apart what went wrong.

I remain surprised at how space famous Gevlon has become in null sec.  You cannot fault him on the persistence front.  I think he has a home in EVE well beyond anything he had in WoW.

But, so far, nobody has really answered the question about what happens to Delve once TEST leaves.  The CFC has said they won’t let Northern Coalition take it, but that is a reactive position.  So who is going to be on the map in Delve come the end of the year?

More On Wallpapers

I wish I knew what was going on in the south of null sec.  I was happy in that sort of “Good for them, they deserve it” way when the Walltreipers Alliance, the one time shining stars of the fight in Delve last summer because of their Alamo-like stand in T-IPZB, showed up on the sovereignty map again as part of the tussle of alliances that took up holdings after the fall of Against All Authorities’ sov holdings.

Small Holdings

Small Holdings

I have no idea how the ended up there or whether the deserved it at all, really.  But it was a name I knew from an alliance that showed fighting spirit in the face of adversity.  Only, in looking for system sovereignty dates over at DOTLAN, I noticed that Walltreipers dropped all of their sovereignty.  So add that to the list of things I have no clue about.  I don’t know how they got there and I couldn’t tell you why they left.  But another name dropped off the sov map as C0VEN moved in.

Oddly, C0VEN appears on that map up above from 2009 in about the same place.

Addendum – If this story is correct, Walltreipers might be planning a trip back to Delve, thus linking my second and third topics.

Random Items for a Friday – Wii U, Wallpapers, and Nostalgia Edition

Remember the Sleeper

Over at Giant Bomb there is a post up titled Tales from Norrath: Don’t Wake the Dragon.  It recounts the famous, one-time (per server) event, the waking of The Sleeper in EverQuest.  A unique event and a bit of MMO history.

I told you to just let him sleep…

What Ever Became of Wallpapers?

Walltreipers, the SoCo alliance that defiantly held onto the system T-IPZB in the 2012 Delve War after the region had been abandoned by its allies and Nulli Secunda had thrown in the towel (see Notes from the War in Delve), were hailed as champions on par with the 300 for a short bit.

Cornered in Gaul, but holding firm

There was all sorts of loose talk about bringing them ammo or coming to some sort of honorable accord with them, and then the Honey Badger Coalition finally brought their weight to bear and stomped them, thus completing the conquest of Delve.

What are they up to?  It looks like they are still together and active and gate camping TEST in Fountain these days.  I just wonder that nobody has found a system for them to hold.  This seems like the type of alliance you want guarding sovereignty in a corner of your region, not as renters but allies.

Launch of the Wii U

Consoles were never really my thing.  Yes, I had an Atari 2600 like… 35 years ago… but after obtaining a personal computer, console gaming fell by the wayside, as did arcades.  (My arcade memories are pretty old.)

That changed with the advent of the Wii.  The Wii became the favored past time for my daughter and I.  For a long stretch we would get up early on Saturday morning, jump into the big beanbag chair parked way too close to the TV, and play Mario Party 8 and LEGO Star Wars and other titles, including some classics from the Game Cube era.  It was a golden age.

The Wii has since fallen into disfavor at our house.  After a couple of years, the computer started to take over.  Like father, like daughter.

My daughter plays the Wii when she has friends over, but it ceased to be a daddy-daughter thing after she began to favor games at which I, frankly, suck to an embarrassing degree.  And her favorite games aren’t on the Wii any more.

Now the Wii U is coming out.  It promises backward compatibility with the Wii, which is good, and a controller that looks like a PDA, which is… I don’t know.  Ars Technica has all the Wii U answers, at least around the technical side of things.  And the price isn’t that bad, relative to the the historical launch costs of consoles (thanks Tesh).  But do I really need this thing?

Wii U in white

Indications are that I do not.  Sure, Penny Arcade seems hot on the idea, or at least its potential, but they are hot on a lot of games for about two minutes before they are installing the next thing.  And then there are the forecasts by those who purport to know.


How about you?

Torchlight II Next Thursday

The next game on my “must have” list is less than a week away.  I did not pre-order it, as the incentive was a copy of Torchlight and, well, I already have that.

This means I probably need to get my mage a lot closer to level cap this weekend.

Then again, my daughter is insisting that I play Minecraft with her, which is all the rage with her and her friends these day.

As I always say, we shall see.

Walltreipers Alliance Defeated – Conquest of Delve Complete

The Walltreipers Alliance held on to T-IPZB, the sole remaining unconquered system in Delve, through a major attack the day after I mentioned their efforts.

The Wallpapers Admiration Society that sprouted up on the forums and comment threads when their heroic stand came to light did not have much influence in the end.  War is war.  They were cornered in their system waiting for the inevitable.

A follow up attack two days later was too much, and yesterday TEST picked up the last system opposing us in Delve.

Thermopylae.  Masada.  Wake Island.  T-IPZB.

So Delve has fallen to an invader.  Again.

Looking at the system histories at DOTLAN, you can see that this is just another turn of the wheel.  T-IPZB, before Walltreipers Alliance owned it, had belonged at various times to Band of Brothers, Goonswarm, KenZoku, Pandemic Legion, and Ewoks, among others.  Now it belongs to TEST.  Who will it belong to in a year?

Delve – July 16, 2012

I suspect that the Walltreipers Alliance, having shown what they are made of even as some of their erstwhile allies were quitting the field, shouldn’t have trouble finding a new home somewhere.

Meanwhile, TEST has almost finished sweeping up Querious as well, the former home of Red Alliance.  That leaves most of the western edge of the galaxy in CFC/HBC hands.  Sovereignty map from the usual source.

State of Null Sec – July 16, 2012

There is a lot of blue on the western edge of the galaxy now, though I see that the Viking Empire is still there.  I guess somebody changed their mind about that summer vacation home.  (Oh, this happened.) Still, TEST now holds sovereignty in more systems that any other alliance.

This conquest was accomplished, according to Endie’s math, by 4,234 in-game characters, many of whom traveled across the galaxy to be there, and who had a logistical tail equally as long.  A bit less than the fearsome horde of 50,000 that people sometimes mention.  Though, we did have a force multiplier when it came to intel.

All of which leads to the usual follow up question: What next?

There is Period Basis to the south, with the remains of Nulli Secunda and the Vera Cruz Alliance, and there is Catch, the home of Against All Authorities.   We’re down there, we’re geared for war, and the summer is only half over.  Are we going on or are we going home?

Notes from the War in Delve

Some updates about the situation in Delve, mostly here to time stamp them so I do not forget them later.

Null Sec Power Blocks

The above picture was stolen from the opening post of the Kugu thread about the war in Delve, primarily because I thought it laid out the balance of power nicely.  Or at least how the balance stood a while back.  Also, it gives some scope to the size of null sec and empire space.

The opening post to that thread includes some background on the conflict to go along with the Elise Randolph post on the subject.

Meanwhile, what has been happening.

Nulli Secunda Pulls Out

Nulli Secunda, one of the original participants in the war in Delve (read the war origins posts linked above) and an important source of pilots to SoCo, announced to their membership yesterday that they were pulling out.

As some of you may have heard from faggot -A- corps or rumors from others, as of now, we are officially pulling out of 319. Starting immediately, any assets that you have in 319 or in PB for some reason if your still have stuff there, need to be moved to nearby low sec in Khanid or Aridia. Your corps will most likely have a location picked out where you can move stuff out too, it doesn’t particularly matter which low sec in Khanid or Aridia you pull out too, because we will be moving to a new location on Sunday anyway.

Right now the main focus is on making sure we get everything out of delve and period basis, and that means everything. All supers should already be out to low-sec as per orders from last week, but in case any are left, consult the super channel and make sure they get out safely. All capital ships need to be moved out, any assets that remain in Period Basis, etc. etc. Please be ready to work with other people in the alliance to help with cyno chains, making sure the station is clear of shit that pop’s cyno’s, and maybe even clearing bubbles. You have a good 4 days to get everything out of 319, and most of the stuff is pvp assets, so if the station is camped at one point, just be patient and wait for an opening.

Gaff, who had eyes on the 319 system last night, reported a regular stream of jump freighters moving in and out of the system, covered by carriers.  -A- has responded by increasing their effort to get Nulli Secundi members and corps to join them instead.

Meanwhile, I suspect Nulli Secunda’s Alliance Tournament ad might get pulled from YouTube.

They won’t be seeing anybody in 319 station soon.

Makalu is Putting You on His List

Gentleman’s Agreement, part of the CFC, managed to take down -A- FC Makalu in a 4.5 billion ISK Vidicator and then again in a 2 billion ISK Archon, earning them a serious, and much quoted, warning in local chat:

[22:00:32] Makalu Zarya > you killed my ship
[22:00:33] Makalu Zarya > congrats
[22:00:36] Makalu Zarya > now i kill your alliance
[22:00:45] Makalu Zarya > u can ask DRF for reference

Does this mean we’ll be fighting in Branch soon?  That is where the Gents make their home.

And this all happened in in TG-Z23, deep in the Stain region.  I am not sure if that portends anything for the war, but it cannot have made Makalu, who has been oft quoted from voice coms, very happy.

Walltreipers – Send More Goons!

The heroes of Delve at the moment have to be the Walltreipers Alliance.  They are currently hanging on to the one remaining system in Delve, T-IPZB.

According to a post provided by them over at EVE News 24, they have been holding firm since the start of the fight, against great odds.

They blockaded our system and attacked our outpost, reinforcing it. We were shocked. How could we confront the numbers of the enemy? We had many engages, some of them in our very home, others in the enemy’s. We lost ships, we lost clones… but we kept fighting. All the scars, all the pain were in our souls, not our bodies. And that made us stronger and stronger.

They have refused any quarter from the CFC-HBC forces and continue to defend their system.

In this stubborn, Wake Island-like defense, their primary concern appears to be that they won’t have enough ammunition to kill us all.  Meanwhile, they have been putting up some decent propaganda.

Cornered in Gaul, but holding firm

This has lead to more than a few expressions of respect and admiration for the 400 pilot alliance.  Ideas have been floated to allow them to keep their system, to give them the whole constellation, or just to bring them more ammunition so that they can continue their glorious defense unimpeded.

Oddly, these sentiments seem to be coming from their enemies or neutrals.  I am not sure where their friends and allies are.

And, finally, the big question in my mind, what does “Walltreipers” actually mean?

Addendum: Their defense in Delve came to an end.