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Werner Herzog Ponders Where’s Waldo

Werner Herzog tries to find meaning in the travels of Waldo and the world in which he lives.

More thought on the nature of Waldo than you probably wanted to hear.

Werner Herzog reads “Madeline”

A further indulgence in the Fitzcaeraldo-like effort of this fake Werner Herzog to establish his own oeuvre with the interpretation of childhood classics through the lens of Werner Herzog.

Like life, this continued effort will simply lead to disappointment after disappointment as the freshness of the original parody can never be recaptured.  This is of course symbolic of exactly what these videos are trying to express, so we shall let things take their course, smug in our knowledge of the outcome.

“In truth, children are next door to sociopaths.”

Fake Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog Reads “Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel”

While sequels are depressing reminders of both the limits of creativity and man’s primitive desire to find safety in the known and routine, I present another childhood tale seen through the lens of Werner Herzog.

“His affection for the machine was out of proportion with social norms.”

-Fake Werner Herzog