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Witty Ranter #12

Once bitten, twice shy.

These are apparently just words on a page to me.

Having run afoul of some members of the so-called “warhammer faithful” previously, you might think that I would shy away from a guest spot with that rabble-rouser Adam.

Instead, here I am playing the fool once again on a podcast titled “WAR: What’s All the Ruckus?”

Fortunately, Brent, Darren, and Michael were also along for the ride so, in general, other people made controversial statements and argued.

The Warhammer Online topics covered were:

  1. Advancing the MMORPG genre – Just how much does WAR accomplish?
  2. PVP in WAR and in general.  We stray away from WAR quite bit during this segment.  MMORPG PVP is treated harshly, tears are shed.
  3. Why are some people so emotionally invested in WAR?
  4. What impact will WAR have on the MMORPG space?

We were also slated to talk about classes and races in WAR, which is where I planned to actually, you know, talk, but we ran long and ended up skipping that topic.

There are also some out takes at the end of the show which do not include Brent’s critique of the work of Thomas Harris nor a long discussion around episodes I-III of the Star Wars movies.  As fun as they were, those added up to another show’s worth of material.

The show runs just under one hour and four minutes.

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Witty Ranter #8

I was again invited to join Adam, along with Craig from Voyages in Eternity, Brenden from Another Here, and Beau from Voyages of Vanguard for another lively podcast round table.

The topic was RP vs. XP: Role playing in MMOs, another huge savanna of a topic, which seems to be Adam’s specialty.

We quickly and cleanly dispatched the cliche pre-conception that role play means a bad British accent and a Shakespearean vocabulary. (After all, how would the British role play then… or would they be role playing all the time?)

Then Beau immediately torpedoed my own pre-conception, which was that role play requires interaction, and suggested that role play can be a solo endeavor, and that role play can be immersion in the game and its environment. (Read more on his own immersion project ideas here.)

We then went in to what MMOs could do to encourage role playing and found ourselves walking the line between making the game more life like and making the game accessible and convenient to those with limited time budgets.

The topic, of course, was far too much to take on in a single show of reasonable length, but quite a few ideas and experiences were brought up as part of the discussion.

Most of the show stayed in the domain of fantasy, though EVE Online did get mentioned a couple of times. (You can find EVE role players all over.)

What surprised me was that we managed to steer pretty clear of Star Wars Galaxies (mentioned once, and only in passing, if I recall right) despite it being an MMO with classes geared towards role play. (Anyone here an entertainer?)

It was a fun show, and Adam swore he would digest what we said and then come back at the topic on another show.

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Witty Ranter #7

Last week Adam, the host of the Witty Ranter podcast, invited myself, Darren from The Common Sense Gamer and Shut Up We’re Talking, Brenden from Another Here, Peter from The Addicted Gamer, and Crovan from The Bitter Old Noob and The Drone Bay podcast to get together with him on Skype and do one of his famous discussion shows.

The show topic was presented as:

We’re the game design team, we’re given 50 million to make our own MMO. Flesh out the MMO as a show topic.

And so off we went, limiting ourselves to some specific areas of MMO design, including genre and business model.

What we ended up with… well… stronger voices prevailed and some old farts and polite Canadians might not have ended up agreeing with certain aspects of the result. Still, we all had fun.

So if you want to hear six blind men arguing over the design of an elephant, now is your chance.

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Witty Ranter #2

Episode 2 of the Witty Ranter podcast has been posted over at VirginWorlds. This episode featured (host) Adam from Troll on Fire, Brenden from Another Here, Mike from Hardcore Casual, Darren from The Common Sense Gamer, and myself.

In an effort to differentiate itself from Shut Up We’re Talking, create wild topic drift, and generate the maximum number of unsupportable statements and too late moments of mental “What I should have said was…” anxiety, no topics were divulged by Adam in advance of the show.

In fact, the exact recording time and date as well as the method to be used to record the show were kept secret until the very last minute. (I had to log into EVE to find Darren when the secret “Go” code was issued.)

Once we arrived at the secret location and were able to remove our blindfolds and begin recording, the topics were:

1) RMT Will Pwn You – Brenden opened up with a rant about RMT, micro payments, gold sellers, Chinese farmers, in-game ads, and how they are all here to stay so just shut the hell up with all the whining and get used to it. The panel then went on to explore the different sorts of ways companies could dun us to play their games, why some companies are favoring certain methods over others, and, of course, the inevitable “What Would Blizzard Do?”

2) Honor the Old School, For They Are Your Betters – This was Adam’s turn to rant, and he went off on new players these days who bag on the MMOs of the past that built the base on which today’s games stand. We spent a few minutes on that then veered off again to World of Warcraft, the great MMO magnet that draws all attention. Highlights from that trip include who plays WoW, should we bother comparing WoW to other MMOs, is WoW too easy, are current WoW players looking for an MMO that is more challenging than WoW or not, and do players who leave WoW play other MMOs at all? No consensus was reached on anything except that the world will be a strange place when WoW is old school and that you young punks should stay off our damn lawns!

As usual with this sort of podcast, it was a lot of fun to do. We had some issues at the outset getting the recording going, but that was more because Adam was used to dealing with people who knew what they were doing than anything that he did. So when I showed up, I put him off his stride completely. When he started up about “Audacity” and a “multi-ender” I thought surely I was on the wrong show. Still, we muddled through, though he had to go buy and download some software, so I might only get invited back if I become a show sponsor. (Who is the sponsor?)

And, with a little editing… okay, probably a lot of editing… the show sounds very good. I’m just sorry about that Skype beep towards the end, which was me sending out a message that I had to go read a bed time story. Ah well, at least he managed to edit out the other four.

You can find the show on iTunes and here.