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Why Yes, I am a Pilgrim

We’re on an Azeroth holiday roll.  Members of our regular group, including myself, have managed to complete the tasks for the meta achievement for the last few holidays.  Brewfest, Hallow’s End, and Pilgrim’s Bounty have now fallen to us.

However I was not sure that Pilgrim’s Bounty was going to fly.

Most of the achievements were pretty easy.  There was the usual round of gimmes for simple tasks.  Those didn’t bother me.

Nor did the Sethekk Halls run for Terokkar Turkey Time give me much to worry about.  I knew we could take down Talong King Ikiss as a group while wearing pilgrim’s hats and clothes.  Heck, on my scouting mission I managed to kill him solo.

Even the potentially annoying Turkey Lurkey achievement, which required you to go blast a rogue of each race with a 1 shot turkey shooter wasn’t all that daunting.  It would be more of a test of patience hanging around Dalaran waiting for the right rogue to show up.

No, it was The Turkinator that almost brought me low.

Running around and killing 40 level 1 wild turkeys turned out to be more difficult that it sounds.  That 30 second time limit to find the next turkey was a curse, as I would be on a streak, closing in on 30, and I would suddenly run into somebody else doing the same thing.  Or, being clever, I would run around the edges of Elwynn Forest only to run into a dry patch of no turkeys and have to start the count all over again.

Did you know that turkeys and murlocs apparently to not mix?  It’s true.

Finally, Potshot found a prime spot for turkey hunting and got the achievement.  On his advice I ran of to hunt in Trisfal Glades in the area between Scarlest Monastery and The Bulwark.  On my third try, I managed, at last, to get to 40 turkeys.

Turkinator! A Turkey Triumph!

By that point, the only thing I needed for the meta achievement was an orc rogue.  Potshot was kind enough to spare my patience and roll one up to play target for myself and others. (I later spread the joy myself by getting out my dwarf rogue for achievement target practice.)

The Aptly Named Orc Rogue

One shot and the achievement was mine.

That got me the title “Pilgrim” and the plump turkey pet in the mail.

But I was not done yet.

The plump turkey turned out to be my 49th companion pet.  One more and I would get another achievement.

I quickly consulted the big list of WoW companion pets to see if there wasn’t one left I could get quickly.

After some time, I realized that Vikund had not gotten the Ancona Chicken, a purchasable pet out a the Mirage Raceway.

Off I flew to buy a chicken.

And with that chicken came the achievement.

That achievement comes with a reward.  And what would any companion pet collector want?

Another pet!  So now I have 51 pets, including Stinky the Skunk.

A man and his skunk

Only 24 more pets to get the final pet collecting achievement.

I am not, however, going to buy those two pets from Blizzard.  No, I won’t!  Stop looking at me like that!

Anyway, this furthered my modest goal to get least one third of the achievements in WoW.  Not quite “Little Gray” level of effort, but I have that whole day job thing going on.

Next up, the Feast of Winter Veil.

Hail to the Chef Already

I have just about wrapped up all of the cooking achievements in WoW.

First, after several months of running the daily cooking quest in Shattrath I finally got the last recipe that stood between me and the title chef.

The Elusive Recipe

The Elusive Recipe

A fine recipe, Stormchops!  The lightning it generates not only hits mobs you are fighting, but will zap critters that stray too close, even out of combat.

After doing all those cooking quests I had plenty of Clefthoof Meat on hand, but I wasn’t sure where I was going to find Lightning Eels.  However, somebody in the guild dropped a couple stacks in the guild bank.  I have no idea who, but I grabbed some and cooked the final recipe.

And with the title chef, you would think I would be done.  Of course not!  What is a chef without his hat?

The chef’s hat costs 100 Dalaran Cooking awards.  This meant running the Dalaran daily cooking quest for a few more weeks.  Unlike the Shattrath daily cooking quests though, the Dalaran quest rewards you with the award, some cash, a pouch that sometimes has another award, and a small Kirin-Tor faction boost.

The trek to the chef’s hat was sped up some by also running the Dalaran daily fishing quest which, in addition to some more cash and some more Kirin-Tor faction also includes a goody bag that, among other things, has a chance to drop a waterlogged recipe which can be turned in for five Dalaran Cooking awards. (And even more Kirin-Tor faction.)

Finally the hat was mine.

Pilsbury Chic

Pillsbury Chic

No surprise that the hat also comes with an achievement.


And after running all those quests, I realized I was just shy of exalted faction with the Kirin-Tor.  Two more daily fishing and cooking quests did that.

Now the only cooking achievement I have left is Chef de Cuisine which requires one to learn 160 cooking recipes.  I am seven shy of the mark.  Time to go inventory recipes.  I certainly hope I have all of the recipes from daily quests at this point.

And of all that, I think my favorite cooking achievement was Critter Gitter.  There are flocks of penguins around the Argent Tournament area, so I took my critter bites and tamed my 10 critters.

My critter posse

My critter posse

Then I mounted up and rode around the tournament area with 10 penguins in tow.  This may be the only thing I have ever done in WoW that got more that one person to ask me how I did it.  WoW players are generally a jaded lot.

What to work on next?  There are all those fishing achievements I suppose, but I haven’t managed to win a Booty Bay fishing contest yet, so it may be a while before I am salty.

The Achievement Cha-Cha

It ought to come as no surprise if you have read this blog for a while that I am fond of the achievement system in World of Warcraft.

Despite the fact that I rank higher as an “explorer” in the Bartle Test, achievements do tend to drive my actions.  Of course, I tend to view exploring different places, having seen the world as it were, as an achievement, so it is no doubt more a matter of  how I interpret the questions that is mucking up my results.

My Bartle Test results - Explorer!

My Bartle Test results - Explorer!

And it is not just in WoW that I like achievements.  In EverQuest II I had a reasonable pile of server first and three game-wide first achievements.  They were almost all related to trade skills where the different tiers of quality (all of this was pre-Live Update 24 which started the big move towards trade skill sanity) allowed for many ways to grab a server first.  My initial game-wide first involved my Woodworker taking a rare (and expensive) component and making the medium quality version of an trade skill item that had just been introduced to the game.

So, yes, I like achievements and will squander valuable resources both in-game (gold or rare harvests) and out (time) to get them.

And yet I have problems with most achievement systems.

In Lord of the Rings Online the achievements are a bit grindy.  (Not that some of the WoW achievements are not grindy.)  Plus you tend to zoom past some of them as you level up, so to go back and get them you have to slaughter mass quantities of no experience mobs.  I tend to find that a bit tough since gaining experience and levels counts as an achievement in my book as well, though one I am not so good at sticking to, so I tend to prefer achievements that give me experience AND something shiny.

Warhammer Online went the hidden achievement route (as did LOTRO for their emote based titles), which seems a bit counter-intuitive to me.  The achiever in me likes to have a nice laundry list of potential tasks.  That is the enticement, the fact that I know I’ll get a shiny if only I can find some way to fall 65 yards and live. (And maybe get a two-fer if I bandage myself quick while my health is under 5%!)  The object of these achievements is to say, “Here are 101 crazy things to do when you’re bored and we’ll acknowledge when you’ve done them.”  The Tome of (Hidden) Knowledge doesn’t give you that list until after the fact.  Some people like that, I don’t.

The vast majority of EverQuest II achievements are of the server first variety, which is great and satisfying if you’re the person who gets it.  But once it has been taken it is gone, never to be seen again.  EQ2 also has a series of achievement-like things that award titles and the like.  But titles, while a nice and obvious sign of achievement, get out of control fast pretty fast in EQ2.  I have characters with piles of titles.  And, of course, you can only display one title at a time. (Two at a time, I suppose, if you get a prefix and suffix title.)

EVE has an achievement-like in its certificates, though since they are relegated to the largely off-line training mechanism of EVE, I have not found certificate chasing a very compelling hobby.

And then there is WoW, with its bright and shiny achievement system that puts up awards for things you were going to do anyway (made level 10!  trained for a mount!), to things you might not do without the shiny dangling before you (yesterday’s explorer title or the loremaster title), to some things that only the most dedicated player might go after (killing all the rare spawn mobs in the Outlands or Northrend for example), with some goofiness mixed in for fun.

Yet as enamored as I am with the WoW achievements, I can still find problems.

Currently in Azeroth the Midsummer holiday event is running, though they must use a different calendar in Azeroth since according to my calendar summer just started.  Anyway, with this event there is the usual set of achievements offered to players related to things you can do in celebration of Midsummer.  These events are actually pretty sweet, offering cash and experience as a reward for a range of simple to mildly dangerous activities.  For pissing on a horde bonfire, which does flag you PvP, my level 76 dwarf hunter gets 20K experience and 6 gold while honoring an alliance fire gets him 10K and 3 gold.

Level 76 Quest Rewards

Level 76 Quest Rewards

Hot stuff, so to speak.  Back of the napkin I would estimate that there is a good 2 levels of experience to be had running around honoring your own sides fires while desecrating the opposing faction’s bonfires.

What is not to like?

Well, the problem is that my main achievement collecting character is also my instance group character.  If I were to run out and scoop up all of the achievements for Midsummer with Vikund, he would end up pretty close to level 80, if not there.  But our instance group tries to stick together when it comes to levels and I am already pushing the limit at 77.  Going to 80, or close to 80, would be seriously breaking faith with the group.

I can still run through the event and get some of the achievements with my other characters.  But their achievements are separate from the achievement’s of my main character.

So I am going to add yet another wish to my long MMO wishlist.

I would like something along the lines of an account-wide tally board for achievements.

I want to see the sum of the achievements for all of my characters.

I do not want this to replace the individual character achievement listings, but I would like some way to see the cumulative achievements across the game.

In addition to my problems with levels on my main, there are other achievement areas this would open up.

For example, I never do battlegrounds with Vikund.  I understand paladins can be reasonably effective in PvP, but when I want to do that I get out my hunter.  So my hunter has a reasonable pile of PvP achievements that I will never bother to try and pick up with my pally.

This universal achievement board could also open up achievements exclusive to the other faction.  You could see the total of both horde and alliance achievements, for those of us who play both sides of the game.  Blizzard could even add achievements for doing something on either faction or for doing something with more than one character or on more than one server.

Meta achievements.

So that is the long-winded path to my wish of the day.

Are you an achiever too?  Which MMO achievement system do you like?

Cold Weather Exploration

Our run at Drak’Tharon Keep tipped both Vikund, my paladin, and Ula over the mark and into level 77.

Of course level 77 is a special level.  It is the level at which you can train cold weather flying, the skill that lets you use you flying mount in Northrend.  A fine moment indeed, especially if you got your flying mount at 70 then moved on to Northrend only to find you had to wait another seven levels before you could use it again.

The skill costs 1,000 gold and there is no faction discount.  Not yet, anyway.  And while Vikund spent nearly all his gold recently getting his epic flying mount, I have since been on a harvesting binge with him.  And so he blew yet another thousand gold for this skill.

Of course, once you have the skill, you want to do something with it and I had just the thing in mind.

Previously I had wrapped up all the exploration achievements for old Azeroth and the Outlands.  The biggest pain of that was actually Kalimdor.  I had fully explored surprisingly few zones on that landmass.  The Eastern Kingdoms were a better covered because they had been the focus of much of my quest activity, though there were still a few sticky spots I had to pick up, like the Blood Elf lands.

The Outlands, on the other hand, were very easy.  Exploration is easy when you have a flying mount.  And since I could fly in Northrend, it was time to wrap up another set of achievements.

And, as we had been hitting Northrend as a group, I had been finishing off the exploration of those zones through which we worked.  That left me just four zones to finish off, Sholazar Basin, Ice Crown, Zul’Drak, and Storm Peaks.

So I ended up on Saturday morning flying over the last of those, taking in the scenery.

One Big Statue in Storm Peaks

One Big Statue in Storm Peaks

A circuit around the zone hit most of the key points, though I always seem to miss at least one little spot, so a second, shorter round got me to the magic point.

Technically there should have been three achievements, the two above plus the one for Storm Peaks, but I guess achievement notifications cap out at two.

In addition to the achievements, you also get the title “The Explorer” and a special tabard.  The title shows up immediately, but the tabard comes through the mail.  I’m not sure who put Brann Bronzebeard in charge of this achievement, but you get the tabard from him along with a short note.

The tabard, which features a globe, was immediately dubbed the tabard of world domination or the tabard of the tri-continental commission.

Vikund and his new tabbard

Vikund and his new tabard

That deserved a big cheer.

Go pointless achievements!

Go pointless achievements!

Vikund now has 67 out of 70 possible exploration achievements.  The remaining three are a bit problematic.  Two of them are in the Outlands and involve first killing one very rare NPC, then all of the rare Outlands NPCs.  I might, perhaps, get one of the rares.  I did so in Northrend when I stumbled upon King Ping on evening.  But to get all of them, that would require an EverQuest level of commitment to camping a couple of dozen NPCs.

And the final exploration achievement left is killing all of the rare Northrend NPCs.  Again, beyond my level of commitment to the game.

But that is okay.  There are plenty of other achievements towards which to work.

Payback in the Outlands

It was Saturday night and we were not expecting a full crew, since Earl was off at a wedding.  Still, we were there and needed something to do, so we thought we would take a look at the Outlands.  Our group was:

74 Priest – Skronk
74 Warlock – Bungholio
75 Mage – Ula
75 Paladin – Vikund

There are some five person instances out there that we have not done yet as well as a few we have done but which do not show up in our achievement credits.  That last part is annoying because there does not seem to be much logic to it.  Hellfire Ramparts, the first instance we did in the Outlands shows up for us.  But the Blood Furnace, which we did shortly there after did not get counted.

So, seeing that we are becoming somewhat achievement attuned, we decided to clear some of that up, starting with the Blood Furnace.

Which meant finding the instance… again, since we found it once before.

After some running around it was remembered that we can actually use our flying mounts in the Outlands, which seemed likely to make our search easier.  But as we were searching, I saw one of those damn Fel Reavers that stomped us from behind on several occasions and declared that it must die.

"Fel" down, did he?

"Fel" down, did he?

That was the payback referred to in the title of the post.  Nothing beyond this point has anything to do with any sort of actual payback, real or imagined.  You have been warned.

We then went back, found the Blood Furnace, got the message about not being able to create any more instances for a bit, then finally got into the the instance.  We considered for a moment trying the heroic version of the instance, but then realized that none of us knew how to access it.  It was only later that I figured out that Honor Hold Quartermaster, Logistics Officer Ulrike, sells the key that enables heroic versions of the local instances.

Flamewrought Key
Live and learn.

So eventually we were in and knocking down or just walking past level 60-ish mobs, practically slaying them at will, which lead to momentary visions of invulnerability.

It was a trap!  There were two of them!

It was a trap! There were two of them!

This visions were disiolved from time to time.

Even with that sort of thing though, we were through the instance in very little time.

The Blood Furnace
We walked on out the door and considered which instance we ought to clean up next.

In glancing through the list of achievements, I suggested Mechanar in Tempest Keep because the final boss was named Pathaleon the Calulator.  I rather pictured a blood elf with a slide rule.

So we ported back to Shattrath and flew on out to Shadowmoon Valley only to realize that Tempest Keep is not in Shadowmoon Valley, it is in Netherstorm.

So We ported back to Shattrath and flew on out to Netherstorm and went in search of Tempest Keep.  It was not too tough to find, as it stands out on the map.  We even guessed right for once and ended up at the correct instance on the first try.  And after a message or three about not being able to create more instances, we were in.

The first floor was a walk-over for the four of us.  This was a bit of a surprise to me.  I know we are better equipped, but we were still facing level 70-72 NPCs.  But the four of us seemed to be able to take on all comers even when we got more than we bargained for.  Until we got to the second floor.

On the second floor was Nethermancer Sepethrea who wiped the floor with us twice before we went to look up strategies on dealing with her.  It seems that to keep her two flame elemental minions from causing havok you have to kite them around while doing in Sepethrea.  With that tidbit of knowledge we were able to finish her without much issue on the third attempt.

Then, true to form, we stumbled into the final boss, the aforementioned Patheleon the Calculator, who is not just a boss but a whole event, quite by accident.  Well, not quite by accident.  We deliberately started walking down the hall towards his location on purpose, we just didn’t know that was the trigger for several waves of angry blood elves to come and attack us.

Blood elves with a disposition for math were no problem for us however and soon we got the magic pop.

The Mechanar

So we setup the group shot to record our victory.

We weren't part of his calculation it seems

We weren't part of his calculation it seems

And that was it for instances for us.  We took a short detour to Dealer Rashaad at the Stormspire so Ula could stock up on some companion pets for the pet achievements.  (I had already been.   You can see my blue dragonhawk pet in the picture above.)

And that was it for the evening.  We will be down a person this coming Saturday as well, so I imagine we will continue with the semi-serious achievement chasing.

Sleepless in Orgrimmar

I couldn’t get to sleep last night.

I don’t know why.  It was just one of those nights when sleep didn’t seem like it was headed my way.  My wife was out cold, my daughter was sleeping soundly, the cats were relatively peaceful, but I just couldn’t get in the zone.

My personal rule of thumb is that after 90 minutes of failing to get to sleep I get up and do something else for a while until I feel like the time is right.

My usual plan is to go sit out on the couch and read.  However I am in something of dry spell for reading material at the moment.  I went in to my office to pick something out, perhaps one of the Derek Robinson novels that have served me well in the past, when I looked at the computer and remembered the time.

“It is after midnight” I thought to myself, “I could go run the cooking and fishing dailies again!”  So I booted up the computer and went to work.

Dalaran still doesn’t agree with my computer.  Even with all the settings turned down with the low, late night population, I still got locked up and had to reboot twice.  I have gone so far as to swap out the ATi 4850 for an nVidia 250 GTS card and tinkered with drivers, such that I could with two later model cards, all to no avail.  The same bad behavior on both cards.  Dalaran was perfectly reasonable, if a bit laggy, with my old 8800GT.  Now I have to pull out my work issue laptop with its ancient x300 video card if I want to be crash-free in Dalaran.

But I got through the fishing and cooking dailies there, then did the two similar dailies in Shattrath.

Those out of the way, I still had a bit more left in me.  I thought about what I should do, then decided I ought to clean up the achievement I mentioned in the previous post and go fishing in Orgrimmar.

I headed out to assault the front gate of the horde city again wearing only my tabbard and bunny ears.

I nearly made it to the Valley of Honor, the one place I could recall that had a body of water in the city, without dying.  I outrode the gate guards and ended up standing at the junction between the valley and the Drag safe and out of combat.

Then as I was getting my fishing pole out thinking I might make the last run and be able to fish without dying, a blood elf paladin came up behind me and did me in.  Ah well.

I managed to move my corpse forward to the water before that same pally caught me and killed me again.  Fortunately they were gone when I got back to my corpse, so I was able to revive in a discreet corner of the lake in the Valley of Honor and fish away.

Don't mind me, I'm just fishing

Don't mind me, I'm just fishing

All I needed was one fish and the achievement was mine.

That done, all I needed to do was use my hearthstone and be on my way.  But I decided to be a cowboy and attempted to ride on back out of Orgrimmar.

I nearly made it, too.

But I decided to showboat a bit and road through a group of horde players standing outside of the bank.  It turned out one of them was actually awake and hit me with a hamstring so the guards could pound me.  It took another run back, a revive, and a bubble to get me back out of the city to a point where I could recall.

Of course, this morning I got a couple of comments on my last post indicating that the other entrance to Orgrimmar is the preferred way to get in if you are alliance.  Well, I was already done and had fun doing it, so it was all fine in the end.

And that was enough for me to get to sleep at last.

And Then There Was Children’s Week

After scoring all of the Noblegarden achievements on my main (and one alt) I was on something of an achievement buzz and looking forward to Children’s Week and the chance to earn some more perfectly useless “points.”

And then I started looking at the achievements.  A couple of them were pretty easy.  You could hardly avoid getting them if you ran the Children’s Week quests.  Then there were a few that took a bit of work.

And then there was the achievement that required you to accomplish things in certain battlegrounds with your orphan out and about, School of Hard Knocks.  This pretty much put the Children’s Week meta achievement out of reach for me.

Generally I like WoW achievements as long as they are goofy, fun, beneficial, or have a reward.  But I am also pretty clear in my mind that they are side tasks and any of them that become a pain generally get ignored.

And, frankly, spending a week running battlegrounds in hopes of knocking out this one achievement seemed to rate high on the scale of pain for me.  And I had not even considered how annoying this achievement might be for the people who enjoy playing battlegrounds and who are going to end up having their venue swarmed by achievement hounds who are unlikely to be “team players.”  I am happy to not to be adding to that problem as well.

So I let that slide in the hope that the achievements required for the Children’s Week meta achievement will get altered by the next time it comes around.  I ran the quests with the orphans, which gave me a nice little boost to my always lagging faction, some experience, and a couple of new pets (which got me to the “Plenty of Pets” achievement) and then called it an early week, putting off the meta achievement.

I can afford to wait.

After all, one of the achievements needed for the meta achievement requires you to slay King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle, a level 80 instance.  Our weekly group isn’t quite there yet.  Maybe by next time.

WoW Patch 3.0.8 – Small Details

With Patch 3.0.8 Blizzard has improved the summary page for achievements so you can better see where you stand, or where you have been focusing.

Vikund's Achievements Summary

Vikund's Achievements Summary

Vikund obviously does not care about his reputation or PvP.

But even more important, the paddle wheels on the ships to Northrend now actually move now!

The Ship Now Has A Wake!

The Ship Now Has A Wake!

There is also steam coming out of the smoke stacks too!

And there is even a crew aboard, with a captain!

Captain John Brookman

Captain John Brookman on the run to Howling Fjord

I have felt since day one that the paddle wheels on those ships should move.  Having them still while the ship was in motion looked goofy and was, in my mind, quite un-Blizzard like.

Yeah, those are tiny little details, but I often pay more attention to details than the big picture.

Finding King Ping

I ran down to Kamagua last night to do the daily quest there to start in on Vikund’s faction with the Kalu’ak, because I am serious when I say I want that Mastercrafted Kalu’ak fishing pole you can buy when you hit exalted with their faction.

I picked up the daily quest The Way To His Heart… which involves fish and aquatic mammalian love… and ran off to do the deed when I ran into a giant fjord penguin standing on the beach.

As I got close to him, I found out he was aggro as he started attacking me. I fought back and took him down, only to get an achievement pop.

All of it happened so fast that I did not get a screen shot of any of it, but here was the achievement.


It turned out that I had run into the legendary King Ping!

He looks pretty much like the fjord penguins in the screen shots from yesterday’s post. Perhaps he wasn’t taking my penguin bombing antics lying down.

And King Ping was nice enough to drop the Egg Warming Blanket of the Invoker and an abandoned adventurer’s satchel which yielded 20 pieces of frostweave cloth and nearly 25 gold.


Not a bad reward for such a chance encounter. I will have to see if the Egg Warming Blanket of the Invoker is an upgrade for any of the casters in our group Saturday night.

Hunting the Headless Horseman

Saturday night found the group back in Azeroth and full of holiday spirit.  It was the last night of Hallow’s End and we were determined to find the Headless Horseman.

The usual suspects were out, all still at level cap:

70 Warlock – Bungholio
70 Warrior – Earlthecat
70 Priest – Skronk
70 Mage – Ula
70 Paladin – Vikund

I had done some scouting with my hunter earlier in the week to find the Headless Horseman.  Thinking that, since he was in the the graveyard of the Scarlet Monastery, that he might be manageable, I summoned him and got smacked down.

He turned out to be a bit higher level than the rest of the instance, being a level 70 boss mob.  My pet and I didn’t get one-shotted, but the fight was only a couple of minutes before we were both down and the Headless Horseman was barely scratched.

I mentioned this to a friend who gave me the basics of the fight, plus the tidbit that everybody can summon the Headless Horseman once per day.  That meant if we went in as a group, we could do the fight five times and harvest five times the drops.

So the goal was set, defeat the Headless Horseman on Saturday night.

I got Vikund out the day before and parked him at the summoning stone outside of the Scarlet Monastery, thinking to facilitate the forming up of the group.  I had forgotten (or perhaps I never knew) that summoning stones not only have a minimum level for usage, they also appear to have a maximum level for usage.

At least I did not have to do any traveling myself.  While I waited for everybody else to find their way back to the instance we last ran so long ago, I hung around and played “Dance, Dance, Recursion” with the horde guys who were hanging out.

Inquisitor Whitemane Memorial Orchestra

Inquisitor Whitemane Memorial Orchestra

Once we were all assembled, we headed on in.  At level 70 the mobs in the graveyard wing are like tissue paper.  On my run in with my hunter I had a problem getting a hit in on some because my pet would kill them so quickly.  So we had no trouble getting to the pumpkin that summons the Headless Horseman and clearing the area.

While I had gotten the basics of the fight (summon him, fight, he throws his head, kill the head, he is back to 100%, fight him again, again with the head, summons some helpers, do him in at last) the actual fight was a bit challenging the first time out just because we still weren’t sure how it would play out.  We are not hard core and level 70 bosses do kill us with surprising regularity.

But we managed it this time.

Headless Horseman Down in Flames

Headless Horseman Down in Flames

That accomplished, we just needed to summon and defeat him four more times to maximize the loot potential.  So, one by one, we all got our turn to summon him.

Ula Gets A Turn

Ula Gets A Turn

Things went well on the next fight, but then, on the third round, Ula got zapped early on and we learned that if you do not kill off the Headless Horseman quick enough in that last stage, he does the head detach routine again and summons more minions.  Being short a good chunk of our DPS, we got into a loop and were slowly ground down until we wiped.

We carried on, bringing the horseman back and defeating him two more times.

The Horseman Up Close

The Horseman Up Close

We decided we wanted that fifth bite at the loot-drop apple, not having gotten that epic mount drop yet.  So I pulled Vikund out, he being the most replaceable member of the group, and brought out Tistann my hunter to summon the Headless Horseman one more time.

We did the fight one more time, brought him down, and failed to get the mount.  Oh well.

We did end up getting three Witches Bands, two Horseman’s Signet Rings, the Magic Broom (which Skronk got), a couple of Hallowed Helms, and all the Tricky Treats we could ever want.

We recalled back to Shattrath where Skronk demonstrated the flying broom and we ate Tricky Treats until we threw up.

Skronk Spews On A Passing Pirate

Skronk Spews On A Passing Pirate

There is, of course, and achievement for eating candy until you throw up.  And one for killing the Headless Horseman.

That covered, and with a little time left on our hands, we ran off and did a few daily quests.  I had never done any of the daily quests.  Some were fun.  I’m always up for a bombing mission. Some were the same old thing, kill n of x.  They were lucrative, of course, but I’m not sure I would do them… you know… daily.

And with that we logged off for the night.  We still have to figure out what we are going to do this coming Saturday night.  The Lich King is still more than a week away.