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The Holidays Come to EVE Online with Login Rewards and More

The Holiday season has started in New Eden as CCP kicked off the Naughty or Nice event early today at downtime.

Most of you have been naughty I am sure

Gone are the Yoiul Lads of old, replaced by the now familiar, and recently updated, daily login reward interface, which is the cornerstone of this year’s event.  There are 13 days of gifts to login and collect, though you have through until downtime on the morning of January 7th, 2020 to collect the last one, so you can miss a few days if you’re traveling to see family.

As usual, everybody gets a gift, but Omega clones get more each day.

Kicking of the Login Rewards

Of course, if you’re an Alpha clone (non-subscriber) there is a button right there to upgrade, and if you do you’ll be able to go back and collect any gifts you missed.

The daily gifts include many of the usual items like special holiday ship SKINs, festival launchers, snowballs, cosmetic items, and the like.

Contents of a Crate

But something new is in the mix, a series of travel filaments.  These will open up a portal that will take as many as 20 ships within a 6,000m radius of the activation to a location in null sec space.  If you want to have an exciting random roam with your friends, here is a chance for something new.  It might be enough to see if you can get back alive.

Also starting today is another even that will let players earn skill points daily.

Killing, chilling, whatever it is a spree

This is the return of the long running Skilling Spree event from the summer and fall, with a change.  Instead of logging on to blow up 1 to 10 NPCs every day, this time the goal is to hit the NPCs (or other players) with snowballs.  And the rewards vary rather than being just a simple skill point reward every day.  Sometimes it is skill points.

Easy enough on the Jita undock

Sometimes it is something else.

I could earn a filament

This, of course, means you will need snowballs, so don’t waste the ones you get from the Naughty or Nice boxes.  Also, if you have melted snowballs leftover from past years, because you’re like me and never clear out your hangar, you can take those to the Meltwater-Snowball Exchanger at Yoiul Festival Snowball Exchange stations in high sec space.  You can see beacons out for there, including in Jita, which is probably the most actively used one.

The beacons will lead you to a Meltwater snowball exchange station, which looks like a festive Astrahus.

Meltwater-Snowball Exchanger Astrahus

The exchange rate is 10 melted snowballs for 1 fresh snowball.

A melted snowball is just water, right? Can I give you water?

That sounds a bit steep, but then what is the value of a melted snowball really?

Or you might want to save your snowballs for the Luminaire Snowball Fight, which will take place on Sunday, December 15th, at 21:00 EVE Online time.

All in all, not a bad event.  There are no combat sites to run.  That sort of event seems to have fallen by the wayside, though with the Triglavian invasion still going more combat sites might be redundant.

I like that there are new SKINs, but I always like when there are new SKINs.

A Vexor wearing the Aurora Universalis SKIN

And the travel filaments… those should make for some fun.

Anyway, there is a post up about the events, though the details are a bit scant.

Yule Lads Tell Players to Work for Their Damn Yoiul Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and, in New Eden, that means the start of the annual Yoiul Festival.

The symbol of The Agency for Yoiul?  That doesn’t bode well.

In past years this has meant an advent calendar-like series of daily gifts to the capsuleers of New Eden.  You had to log in daily to get your gift, but that was all you need do to collect fireworks, snowballs, festival launchers, SKINs, and other special treats.

This year the Yule Lads have taken a different tack.

Yule lads of old… I think they all FC for Pandemic Horde now

This year, no doubt due to staff cuts on Team Yoiul, the lads won’t be traveling to every station and citadel in New Eden to deliver daily gifts.  They’re subcontracting to The Agency this year, so it will be like any other event.  If you want some seasonal treats you’re going to have to go undock and PvE for them by completing tasks in The Agency.

If you’re not willing to go out and hit rogue drone sites you’ll have to pick up loot with ISK in Jita or via PLEX in the New Eden Store.

Local crank, bitter vet, and host of the Open Comms show Dirk MacGirk had this to say about the event:

And so it goes.  Am I going to be able to find time to schlep out for my gifts this year when there are hostiles to shoot?

Claim Your Daily Yoiul Gifts in EVE Online!

Starting today, December 14, the Yoiul Festival is live in EVE Online. to celebrate the season and the coming of YC119. (Also noted on the Updates page)

There will be a new gift to redeem in game every day for twelve days.  Today’s gift, the first on the list, is a set of four frigate SKINs, one for each of the empires, covering the Amarr Punisher, the Caldri Kestrel, the Gallente Incursus, and the Minmatar Rifter.

Yoiul Festival SKINs

Yoiul Festival SKINs

I was happy with that, but I am a fan of SKINs.

A key part of this is that you must log in every day to claim that day’s gift.  As noted by CCP:

Each gift will be present for 24 hours, until 23:59:59 UTC, when it will be replaced by the next gift. Be sure to log in and claim your gifts from your redeeming system to avoid missing out!

If you don’t log in, you don’t get your gift.

Remember that the days are counted from UTC and not your local time.  Being on the west coast of the US, I was able to claim the first day’s gift at 16:00 local time on the 13th, which is when the date changes in New Eden.

Also, there have been some issues reported with redeeming gifts, to which CCP has responded.  I could not find the first one I redeemed in my inventory, but after I had logged out and back in again it appeared.

Addendum: You can also get some holiday themed EVE Online graphics.