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How to Catch Zorua and Zoroark

*[Zoroark download event from September 18th through the 25th]*

Pokemon Black and White have been out for a while now.

Those of us who did all the pre-launch downloads and went and saw the Pokemon Black and White Tour, we all have the game and are playing away.

My daughter is mocking me now because I am only at the fourth gym leader.

And the game is good.  I will have to find some time to compare it to HeartGold and SoulSilver, but I am enjoying it and despite the usual discomfort at having to learn about 150 new Pokemon, my daughter and I are having fun catching them.  They are growing on us.

But those download events, the three shiny legendaries along with mythical Celebi, they were set up for a reason.  We would have downloaded them anyway, but they also unlock special Pokemon in Black and White.

And Pokemon.com has finally posted how to get the two Pokemon that get unlocked, Zorua and Zoroark.

Getting Zorua does not seem to be a big deal.

According to the update, which you can read here, unlocking Zorua is pretty easy.

There is a special, secret way to transfer Celebi to your game.  You will need two Nintendo DS systems to do it.  But once you have Celebi in the game and in your party, talking to the right person in the game will allow Zorua to join your team as long as there is an open spot.

There is no messy catching situation, Zorua is just yours.

Which is completely unlike the scene with Zoroark.

Obtaining Zoroark is going to be a bit more work.  You can read all the detail on that encounter here.

As with Zorua, there is a special way to unlock the ability to transfer over the legendary Pokemon you downloaded during the GameStop events earlier this year.  Again, you will need two Nintendo DS units to do the transfer.

But once you activate Zoroark, you have only one chance to catch him.  If he gets away, the opportunity is gone.

So you might want to wait until you have built up a good supply of high success Pokeballs and have a team together that is able to wear him down so you can catch him.  And you might want to save just before you do the encounter, so you can turn off your DS if you fail and try again.