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Meanwhile, ZMud Runs Fine On Windows 7 Pro

Opting for Windows 7 Professional just about paid for itself.

ZMud, which according to Zuggsoft is absolutely not supported on Windows Vista or Windows 7, seems to run just fine once I opened up the properties for the ZMud executable and set the ZMud to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

Your Win 7 Pro Compatibility Choices

With that set, I was able to log in and wander around.  Triggers, scripts, buttons, and aliases all seemed to work fine.

Peeking at my TorilMUD Pally

Of course, I know and fully accept that if there is some incompatibility it will not be the fault of Zuggsoft and I have no expectation that I will get any help.

But opting for Windows 7 Professional cost me $40 more than Windows 7 Home, but it has saved me $30 already since I won’t have to buy a copy of CMud, the Zuggsoft replacement for ZMud for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Not that I would begrudge Zuggsoft the money.  But I already have two licenses for ZMud.  I’ve done my bit to support them.

So I am 1 for 2 tonight.