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My Current Favorite New Eden Screen Shot

I take a lot of screen shots in EVE Online, which I suppose is natural enough for somebody who runs a blog devoted to screen shots taken in EVE Online. (Yet another shameless plug for my soon to be nine years old other site.)

When you are faced with a large quantity of something it can be easy to sort by general quality, but to pick out a favorite, even a transitory favorite of the moment, can be difficult.  And I tend to be indecisive on that sort of thing in any case.  It I have to fill out a security challenge question and it is something like, “Your favorite movie” all I can think is, “Are you kidding me?”

I have trouble limiting to a list of ten my favorite anything, and that can be very situational.

So it is odd when I do fixate on one thing, and when it comes to my EVE Online screen shots, this is the picture.

Doomed Vigil in the middle of things

Doomed Vigil in the middle of things

The screen shot was taken during the battle of the F4R2-Q Fortizars at the beginning of the year.

It features a Vigil, a modest Minmata frigate, in the midst of the battle.  My alt was flying it and it was setup as a target painter.  My alt had been disconnected and had logged back in eventually to find himself in the thick of things and far from our own fleet.

The ship show damage from having exchanged fire with some other small stuff, but isn’t completely wrecked.  And behind it, the battle rages.  There are two huge Apostle force auxiliaries In the near distance, both wearing the Cold Iron skins.  Beyond that you can see other carriers, the straight green beams from a fleet of battleships as well as the more wispy effects from capacitor transfer and remote repair modules.  If you look at the picture in its full size you can see other ships.  And the whole thing is lit up by an explosion at the bottom center of the picture and back dropped by a nebula.

I couldn’t have staged that shot if I had tried and it does reflect what you might see in a battle, provided you’ve left your graphics settings turned up.  That marks me as a tourist I am sure.

I only wish I had a large version of it.  My now ancient 1600×1200 monitor is starting to seem small.

Now to see if I can get some more screen shots this coming weekend.  There will likely be a bunch featuring this ship, the Coercer.

Coercer with a Blood Raiders Skin

Coercer with a Blood Raiders Skin… and CONCORD on patrol

You might see some of those swarming about if you’re in the right place after downtime.