Thirteen Years of This in Azeroth

I stood there in the rain amongst the looted corpses and burning huts.

The scene, repeated over and over…

As I surveyed the grisly scene, the reasoning behind the task seemed less and less plausible.  Did I really have to kill them all and burn down their huts?  Was there some other way where both sides could have gotten what they wanted?

Well, at least that guy promised me some gold for this… and guys like that always pay… always about the same amount too… like there was some sort of industry standard price for this sort of thing.  Hrmm…

Maybe the next task will be different.

Happy Birthday World of Warcraft.

3 thoughts on “Thirteen Years of This in Azeroth

  1. anypo8

    My son joined Save The Murlocs back when he was playing. It does seem like Blizzard has painted themselves into a bad corner here: the Murlocs are lovable and sympathetic, and also constant targets for genocide. Keep doing what you’re doing, Blizz. Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Fussypants

    That is a totally ingenious way to point out the anniversary! I remember there was the kobold statistic many moons ago but I wonder how many murlocs the denizens of Azeroth have slain over these thirteen years….


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