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Return of the Mail Bag as Crypto Crashes and Atari Turns 50

I am back once more with some subject lines from the old blog email address… not the one that has been current for the last seven years, but the old one that seems to be stuck on a lot of PR related mailing lists.  I wonder how many times that address has been sold.

One thing that surprised me a bit was the fact that Atari turned 50 last month and there was only a single email hawking something based on that anniversary.

  • 50th Anniversary XP Cartridge Drop

It turns out a company calling themselves Atari XP has the license to remake special collectible Atari 2600 cartridges.  For the 50th anniversary Missile Command was up for sale.

The cartridge lights up

For just $99.99 you get this deluxe package that includes:

  • Premium 50th Anniversary game box with a cutout that allows you to see the front of the cartridge
  • A newly manufactured Atari 2600 cartridge with custom artwork and an acrylic top that lights up when being played
  • Full-color instruction manual
  • Hard enamel collectible pin with black nickel plating
  • Polyester blend, twill-woven embroidered collectible patch
  • Custom acrylic cartridge stand

I guess you have to have an Atari 2600 console to use it, unless you just want it as a collectible.  There is also an Adventure version of this collection available, though the Yar’s Revenge and Saboteur cartridges have sold out.

Meanwhile, as was the case back in January, the majority of the email subject lines seem to be focused on crypto, NFTs, and Web3, though there are at least a few in the mix that indicate that all might not be well in the world. (Though they almost always recommend now is the time to buy in the body of the email.)

  • Don’t Call It A Comeback – Rapping Crypto-Meme Creator Rito Rhymes Says Crypto Will Bounce Back
  • How Celsius Filing Bankruptcy Marks a Larger Problem With High Profile Cryptocurrencies
  • Top Surgeon Makes the Cut as a Musician on a Mission to Combat Gun Violence
  • As Bitcoin Collapses Crypto Traders Are Liquidating
  • World’s First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset
  • Souq Raises $3M, Supports Web3 Gaming Amidst Growing DeFi Adoption
  • Tesla Expected to Report $440M Impairment on its Bitcoin Stock
  • Company of Heroes 3 is available for Pre-Order
  • New TV Series Exposes The Myth of Teacup Pigs
  • Path to Enlightenment Explained in Zen Rohatsu
  • Ryu Games Announces Two New Games from Ulti Arena Launching on Flame, Its “Steam for Web3” Platform
  • Could ‘Unknown Factors’ in Schools Stop Active Shooters in Their Tracks?
  • California Dead Last In US Sports Betting Index
  • Why Companies Are Putting a Halt Crypto Withdrawals During a Market Crash
  • 42% of Coinbase assets in Q1’22 are in Bitcoin
  • Will the Real Estate Boom Cool Down, Heat Up, or Stay Steady this Summer?
  • What is GameFi, and why are regulators treating it as a legitimate form of finance?
  • How to Become a Gaming Influencer – Tips from CEO of leading gaming influencer agency [x5]
  • America’s BTC Hashrate Share Surged 358% to stand at 38% in early 2022
  • 32% of all Social media Crypto Frauds are committed on Instagram
  • This Rapping Crypto Influencer Just Dropped His First Meme Song
  • How eBay Could Monitor and Control NFT Transactions
  • Denuvo by Irdeto launches Denuvo SecureDLC, the industry’s first solution to protect downloadable content against piracy
  • Global Video Gaming Base Crosses 3 Billion
  • Souq Raises $3M to Redefine Web3 Gaming Amidst Recession
  • NASEF MENAcraft: international exchange program uses Minecraft
  • John O’Hurley’s (“Seinfeld”) Launches Tech Company to ‘Authenticate All Real Humans’
  • Interview Billionaire Gamer CEO Building Out the Metaverse
  • The US has more Fintech Unicorns than the next 20 Countries Combined
  • Apple’s $2.5 billion move into sports streaming with MLS deal signals a changing landscape for media rights
  • The carbon footprint of mining a single BTC transaction is 22X that of Gold
  • The Future is Here, and She’s a Lovely Stranger Named Frankie
  • Tencent’s $32.2B Gaming revenue is the highest for a public company
  • Scams on the Rise During the Increased Reputation of Crypto
  • Microsoft is plotting a CTV sneak attack
  • Fortnite & The Office (US) are 2 of the fastest growing fandoms in the last 5 years
  • Turkey leads the world with its 85% Mobile banking adoption rate
  • The most cosplayed anime characters confirms the world loves Naruto
  • Ryu Games Announces Flame “Steam for Web3”
  • New Game/Metaverse on Blockchain
  • Misconceptions About the Metaverse
  • First Ever Rhyme NFTs minted by Crypto Rapper
  • Dogecoin Founder Agrees w/ NFT Artist About Decentralization on Blockchains
  • The Meta Daisies ignite rock in the metaverse, in a world-first
  • Music in the Metaverse and the Future Concert Experience

This isn’t a full list from January when I last posted.  These are just from the last month.  And some of them showed up multiple times, though I only used a subject line once.  I did put a [5x] on the one about becoming an influencer, because that one showed up five times since mid-June.