Playboy Themed MMO… erm… MCOG?

Because Second Life is getting paranoid on the subject?

From The Register:

Always wondered what Hugh Hefner’s life’s like? You could soon find out, because a Playboy-themed “Massively Casual Online Game” (MCOG) is in development.

Although it’s unlikely to displace World of Warcraft, EVE or Ultima, Playboy Manager will see you play a crack talent agent who must manage the career of some of Playboy’s hottest up-and-coming models.

You’ll compete against other players to help guide your chosen model’s career toward her ultimate goal – becoming a world-renowned Playmate with a permanent room in the Playboy Mansion.

Said to combine “the best elements of trading card and turn-based gaming”, Playboy Manager will also feature exclusive Playboy content, such as steamy videos and photos.

Will there be other features for the ‘I read it for the articles’ brigade, we wonder?

You may want to think twice about where you play the MCOG though, because the game’s publisher, Jolt, has suggested you “play it during a lecture, on your phone or even in the office”.

Playboy Manager will be launched globally this summer and you can register online to take part. ®

I think you can assume that link is NSFW regardless of what the publisher has to say.

And MCOG?  Did we need another acronym for massive titles?

Anyway, commence jokes regarding the character creation tool.

8 thoughts on “Playboy Themed MMO… erm… MCOG?

  1. Lora

    MCOG….? Guess they are just afraid to be ranked together with the other MMOG, when they aren’t ranked together with them you can’t see how few players they got. ^^

    – Lora


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