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LOTRO Lottery Winner

Turbine has a site called My LOTRO, which is akin to The Armory in World of Warcraft, with some of what was once the EverQuest II Players site mixed in (SOE seems to have rolled their EQ2 sites together at this point), along with its own unique items.

So you can look up characters and kinships, see news and blogs, and enter the lottery.

The LOTRO lottery.

I had seen the lottery mentioned some place a while back, but had not really paid it much mind.  Then I was on the My LOTRO site to see the full list of my characters and noticed the lottery tab.

It is by itself, but it stands out

I clicked on the tab and it brought up the lotteries page which had quite a few events listed.  All you have to do is check the box next to a given lottery and click submit and you are entered.  So I did, entering for the whole list.

I did not really look at what they were offering, just some stuff.

Then I logged in a couple of days later and found that I had won some stuff.

The first item was a silver token.  Not a big thrill.  During some holiday events, tokens drop from monsters, the type of token being related to the level of the monster.  And since, like me, Middle-earth seems to be in perpetual holiday of late (we just transitioned from the Anniversary celebration to the Summer celebration), tokens are plentiful.

But there were other items waiting for me.  They get delivered to via in-game mail.

I picked up a couple of improved potions of Athelas, your basic healing potion with a boost in effectiveness.  Always useful but, again, not exactly scarce on the ground.  Heck, you get those for turning in the previously mentioned tokens.

But there was more.

The next item I opened up turned out to be pretty nice, an actual upgrade to my equipment.

Lottery Boots

Now there is a lottery payout that worked.  As usual, I haven’t been keeping up on my equipment as much as I probably should.  I always try to have the best weapon available, but if the shoes still fit….

Then I got to the last item.

Nice Cloak

As with other MMORPGs, the color of the name of an item in LOTRO is an indication of its value.

Grey lettering means the usual vendor trash, white are normal items, yellow are improved items, and purple, like those boots I previously won, are superior and somewhat rare.

But an item in light blue/aqua… I’m not even sure where that is on the scale of things.  I’ve never actually seen an item with a name in that color.

Okay, it is level 50, so I cannot actually use it yet… and it is light armor and my current characters wear medium armor at the moment… but still, that is pretty cool.