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June in Review

The Site

I posted a little bit more this month.  In fact, I posted about as much as a usually do in a given month.

I have mostly Blizzard to thank for this.  Their screwing up parental controls and bypassing security protecting them got me on a roll.

I think the biggest change to the actual site is that there is a link to my Facebook account way down the side bar.  My Facebook profile features this picture.

Wilhelm, circa 1988

I only mention this because my wife found the T-shirt I am wearing in that picture just the other day.  It is from the 1988 TimeCon, a science fiction and fantasy convention that used to take place here in Silicon Valley, apparently notable only for a rule it imposed during its spectacular 1991 flameout.

I also found the convention program for the event. (Michael Dorn was a guest!)  I’m trying to decide if I put these two items back in storage or try to sell them on eBay.

I also still have the flight jacket I’m wearing in the picture, a 1950s US Navy G1.  It is not for sale.

Anyway, if you need a neighbor in FarmVille, you can friend me.  I won’t guarantee I’ll go visit your farm every day, but I’ll send return gifts once in a while.

One Year Ago

People were upset about Blizzard not including LAN play in StarCraft II.  It looks like Blizzard stuck to that plan, as there will be no such feature when the game ships at the end of July.

The NeuroSky MindSet was released, but I still cannot cast fireballs in WoW using only my brain.

Then there was that Wii Bowling Ball controller.  Has that generated any lawsuits yet?

There was a new definition of hard core gamers.

I was complaining about the local newspaper being made up of 8 pieces of paper.  I think I finally received the last home delivery of the paper yesterday, when my subscription ran out.  I shan’t be renewing.

There was an attempt to get Age of Empires II: Age of Kings going while people in the instance group were on vacation.  We did end up getting connected via a service called Game Ranger.

And then there was World of Warcraft.  They changed when you got mounts in the game allowing people to (literally and figuratively) fly through the Burning Crusade.  There was that whole WoW/Mountain Dew cross promotion which, if nothing else, got me another in-game pet.  I spent all my gold on the artisan flying skill, and then they lowered the price with the mount changes.  I got the achievement The Explorer.  And I bought an authenticator.  Viva account security.

New Linking Sites

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Random Site I Want To Mention But Don’t Really Have An Excuse or Category


Mostly for the point/counter point articles on starting off in EVE Online

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Search Term of the Month

future twike
[I’m not sure what that means]

Spam Comments of the Month

weak indian viagra
[I guess if you cannot handle the strong, US version….]

Can the WOW accounts be auctioned? Both for buying and selling of accounts. It would be an awesome idea. Are there any providers for this?
[A short sample of what you get when you do a post about selling WoW Gold.  The long sample was a post in and of itself.]

Deleted Comment of the Month

I had a hacker, now I have empty boxes, and I can’t send only a few gifts a day to ,my Mafia players. I need to speak with someone, why do you have no phone number?
[I do have a phone number, I’m just not giving it to you.]

EVE Online

Hulkageddon is coming, but I’m not sure that will do much for me.  I extended my subscription using ISK to buy PLEX, but the wormhole space station mission has not been a success so far.  All your wormholes are belong to somebody else already.  Or so it seems.  So I have mostly been playing the training game.

Lord of the Rings Online

I have been playing more LOTRO than anything else lately, trying to exceed my previous level record of 33 with a character on Firefoot.  That should be doable, if I can figure out which character on which to focus.  Always the challenge for an alt-impaired played like myself.

World of Warcraft

While the instance group has been out to play a couple of weekends, I have not played much outside of that.  Part of this is pre-Cataclysm malaise.  I can only do so many daily quests or battlegrounds.  The other part is that I have preferred playing LOTRO of late.

Nintendo DS

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are still being played regularly at our house.  As I said previously, I am ramping up for the final big fight in the game, at which point I think I can declare victory.  Then the long hard road to the National Pokedex awaits.  I didn’t manage to finish it in Diamond or Platinum, so the outlook is only “fair” for SoulSilver.

Coming Up

StarCraft II ships at the end of the month.  Do you suppose I will mention that?


I’ll probably write more about LOTRO though.  And Pokemon.