Play On: Guild Name Generator

Over at Play On, they have found through the research of data from World of Warcraft that 90% of guild names follow a specific set of patterns.  This has allowed them to create a Guild Name Generator that uses a weighted dictionary based on WoW guild names.  If you go to the page linked, it will create 100 guild names for you.  Hit refresh to see 100 more.

Some detail about the name generator is on the Play On site here. [Or here now, on the internet archive, as the original went away.]

The names generated certainly “feel” like WoW guild names.  I wonder how many of them end up being the names of actual guilds.

For now, I am going to run out and check on “Twinks of Samurai Tea Guard.”

10 thoughts on “Play On: Guild Name Generator

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Other names I like from the generator:

    Elitist Squirrels
    Origami Suicide
    Midnight Treason

    You know I’m hooked when I have to copy out my favorites before I hit refresh.

    These would also make great band names. Somebody go tell Dave Barry.


  2. koori

    It’s quite scary how acurate those “fake” names are. Almost all feel like names taken from the game. Does it say something about WoW comunity? Hmmm


  3. Tiamatt

    Lol my favorite was
    And also 6 of the ones i got on first try are actual guilds on my server right now :o
    Red Squadron
    and 3 others


  4. Gandoress

    Best one ever is
    “Intense Cold” My guild name is that and we raid icc all the time.We have 6 ICC raiding teams.:P


  5. Anne Lessing

    I love “Blood of Light Pirates.” But at first, I took it to mean some really skinny buccaneers were bleeding all over the place. :P

    Blood of Light…I have to remember that. Wilhelm, “Origami Suicide” is hilarious!

    Thanks for the link!


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