Tabula Rasa Beta Forum Access!

Yes, they seem to have resolved the issue that resulted in the error:

500 Server closed connection without sending any data back

every time you tried to create a new user account on the Tabula Rasa Beta.

Still, I had an odd time getting logged in.  You get access to the board by logging in with your PlayNC account.  You are then asked to enter a forum name and password.  But when it comes time to actually log into the forums, you use your PlayNC account name, but the forum password.

That seemed a bit odd, or at least counter-intuitive to me. 

I would expect to either log into the forums with a separate account, as Turbine requires with Lord of the Rings Online, or log in with my PlayNC account and just have a forum name that was different from my login name, as it is done on the SOE forums.  Instead, there was a third, mixed path.

Still, I figured it out and I am in.

11 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa Beta Forum Access!

  1. KevinC

    Nice. I pre-ordered myself yesterday and got my forum access straightened out last night. I felt exactly as you do – that it was a counter-intuitive process. But since I only had two user names and passwords to try, one of them HAD to be right. :)

    I hope to see you in TR soon. I’ll let you know my character name.


  2. Bildo

    When does the game come out? Is there a date yet?

    I’m wondering if out of sheer desperation I should pre-order it, even though I know it’s not for me.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have not seen an official date yet. say Sept. 25th, but like most sales systems, they have to have some date to be able to list it. There is no saying it is right yet.

    I thought the $5.00 Pre-order box was worth the price just to get in and try it out. I am not sure if it is for me either, but it is interesting.


  4. Soabirw

    Just pre-ordered and installed the game and having a hard time creating characters (every last name I try is “reserved’). I keep reading to check the beta forums for play times and other information. Where are these forums? Everyone talks about them like common knowledge, but I’ve searched high and low on the PlayNC and TR web sites and haven’t found anything.


  5. cigam

    Same problem. Can’t find these forums that keep getting referenced. Would be pretty nice, considering I’ve played in the beta nights, and there’s supposed to be a wealth of information on these forums.


  6. Deekan142

    Ok, this is kind of a noob question, but i have the beta code from pre order, and i downladed the client manually. Where do i go to create my account so i can start playing?


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    You have to go to the NCSoft site and create a NCSoft account, then use the code you have to add TR to the games associated with your account.

    If you play another NCSoft game, like GuildWars, DungeonRunners, or City of Zeroes, you can just add TR to the same NCSoft account you use for those.


  8. Shadowchibi

    Soabirw, try changing your first’s your first name that is taken more than likely, not your last. See you all in game ~ Ayen Selvoure


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