TTH Picks the Top Ten PvP MMOs

Lists, especially ranked lists, are always good for some attention.

In that vein, Ten Ton Hammer decided to stir the pot a bit by ranking what they consider to be the Top Ten PvP MMOs.

I’ll spoil the surprise and give you their list ranked top to bottom.  You’ll have to go read the article to get the justifications.

  1. Dark Age of Camelot
  2. Eve Online
  3. Darkfall
  4. Planetside
  5. Warhammer Online
  6. Aion
  7. Lineage 2
  8. Guild Wars
  9. Age of Conan
  10. Lord of the Rings Online

They used the phrase “out there” to describe their selections, by which I assume they mean they are measuring the PvP-ness you can get today from these games, as opposed to when they were at their peak.  So no Shadowbane.

That also might explain the lack of Ultima Online on the list.

But if you’re going to exclude UO for its current state of affairs, how do you justify keeping Planetside on the list?

15 thoughts on “TTH Picks the Top Ten PvP MMOs

  1. We Fly Spitfires

    I always chuckle when I see top 10 lists for MMORPGs because there really aren’t that many games out there to fit into a list :) It’s more like “arrange all the MMORPGs in some sort of vague order”.

    Plus where is EQ2? It has fantastic PvP on it’s PvP server.


  2. Akjosch

    The L2 description of PvP sounds like someone who has played all of an hour of that game and heart about the PvP from what others who didn’t play it either told him.

    And no, Karma in that game doesn’t work like that. Nor is it important for PvP.


  3. Coppertopper

    EQ 2 pvp was fantastic???? That’s funny. And don’t see EVE pvp being #1 either. It scores high for the fact that when you destroy something, it ceases to exist. But DAOC should be studied as the touchstone for balance between affecting everyones gameplay via success in the pvp frontier as well as offering a great pve experience on it’s own. Keep sieges that included wall climbing and being able to knock a hole thru walls with siege weaponry…not even Mythic has topped 10yr old DAoC for end game PvP.


  4. SynCaine

    Strange list indeed. If it’s “Best PvP right now”, DAoC should not be #1. If it’s “Best PvP of all time”, UO and SB should be on the list, along with Lineage 1 and AC-DT, and again DAoC should not be #1. Regardless of that technicality, how WAR, Aion, and LoTRO make the list is beyond me.


  5. Dril

    Another list that makes little sense from a writer somewhere who has a half-idea at best about the games. I mean, looking at some of the things on there even WoW’s impacts-on-the-actual-meaningful-PvE horrific, terrible, resiliencelol PvP is better.


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  7. Ep

    I was still playing planetside at Christmas. Its not dead :P
    They have maybe 2000 or so players now but that including the massive free trial player base.


  8. bluelinebasher

    I loved old DAoC, before ToA and new frontiers. It was probably the best idea. I still subscribe to Eve and enjoy it, but is Darkfall really that good? Or are we talking a huge falloff between 2 and 3?


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