Daily Archives: August 14, 2011

Chaos Reigns in Rockport and Palmont – Police Helpless to Respond

Need for Speed World has been having problems this weekend.

The problems have been all across the board.  Login was a major issue yesterday.

Today though, you appear to be able to get into the game.

But once there all you can do is drive around in whatever car you happened to be in when you last logged off.  This means:

  • No races
  • No gem hunt
  • No safe house access
  • No cash shop access
  • And no police chases

The latter has actually spawned today’s preferred game activity.

Normally, if you hit a police car, that initiates a police pursuit, one of the key elements of the game.

Palmont Police

You must escape the long arm of the law and all of its resources.  And if you are deemed especially bad, their resources can be formidable and they will deploy them wherever they deem necessary.

Fairway Roadblocks

One nice touch was that just around the bend they put a spike strip in a sand trap, giving new meaning to the word “hazard” in the game.

But today, the police are broken along with everything else.  And since there is not much else to do in the game, smashing into police cars seems to have become the sport of the day.

Police Pile Up

Getting Sideways

The police AI seems to have decided that there is safety in numbers… more so than usual… and started congregating at some locations.

Police Hiding

This, of course, just lead to more smash up opportunities.

Patrol Cars go Flying

The tunnel was packed with police cars, and it turned out to be my fault.

The game will clear out such traffic clusters when nobody is looking.  But since I parked at the tunnel to watch things get more and more piled up, they did.  Heisenberg was right.  Observation influenced the observed.

I am sure that EA is working hard on getting this all fixed.

But for the moment, chaos reigns in NFSW… even more than usual.