Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

You Can Play Facebook Games… On Google+

As has been announced, games have come to Google+.

There are 16 games in the first wave to be launched on the service.

Google+ Game Selection

A quick check between the two services showed me that most of the list above are already available on Facebook.

So, here we have something that Facebook is already succeeding at, these so-called social games, and now Google is trying to duplicate that.

However, Google might have something.

None of the games on Google’s list were games I had tried on Facebook, so to compare the qualitative difference between Facebook and Google+, I picked a game, Angry Birds, and gave it a try on both platforms.

After playing for a bit on Google+, I tried the game on Facebook and was stunned at how bad the implementation of the game is over on Facebook.

I have played Angry Birds on a mobile device, and the Google+ version plays and feels very much like that implementation.  The Facebook version, on the other hand, looks and feels… well…  like crap… at least relative to Google+.

I do not know if Rovio just spent more time on the Google+ implementation, or if Google+ is simply a better platform for games.  But if it is the latter, perhaps Google+ can find a niche as a superior platform for games.  It does not have much else going for it as far as I can see.