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One of Those EVE Stories – S2N Alliance Brought Down by an Insider

If they were a force to be reckoned with, you’d think they’d have audited their director roles.

-The Mittani, on past similar hijinks

Reported over at The Mittani, it appears that a director from S2N Citizens Holding moved over to Circle-of-Two and, with some help from somebody who helped bring down Band of Brothers, kicked all the corps out of the S2N Citizens alliance, dropped sovereignty on over 200 systems, looted 400 billion ISK, locked everybody out of a series of stations, all while collecting the monthly rental payments, due today, from those sub-letting from the alliance.

SovChanges20130701This will no doubt set the east of null sec space afire as competing alliances race to drop territorial claim units and pick up unclaimed systems.

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes

(Sov maps from the usual source. Today’s map has a huge sov lost listing on the left.)

Reported to be leading the charge is the Russian alliance of SOLAR FLEET.

This will likely have some impact the war in Fountain because S2N Citizens was affiliated with Nulli Secuda, one of the alliances doing the fighting for TEST.  Nulli will have to move back to the eastern front to try and reclaim some of the lost systems or risk finding its own holdings in Perrigen Falls invested by rampaging Russians.  We shall see if any of TEST’s other allies follow suit and rush off to the eastern front sov grab.

As always with EVE Online, just when you think things have gotten static, something comes along to shake things up.

Further details on what exactly happened are up at The Mittani.  A follow up post with further details is also up now.

EVE News 24 also has a post up about it, which is only interesting for the horrible comment thread, while Poetic Stanziel looks into what it means.