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Doing the Null Sec Shuffle

The pre-Fozzie Sov re-alignment of New Eden continues apace.  If you look at the Null Sec Player Influence Maps site you can see changes on the map daily.  Black Legion has taken a big chunk of Fountain, the Northern Associates rental empire has all but disappeared from the map, and, likewise, The Imperium’s Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere rental space is rapidly shrinking down to nothing.

Over at DOTLAN EVE Maps you can see various alliances swapping, gaining, or dropping sovereignty.  Even CCP’s lore focused videos from The Scope has commented on the changes and possible power vacuum in null sec as the empires align themselves.

Up in the north, in the seven regions of The Imperium, the sovereignty shuffle is well under way.  The Initiative has set up shop up in Tenal.  LAWN just took over sovereignty in the Vale of the Silent, while Bastion soaked up the rest of the region.  My own corp and alliance is slated to head south from our long held home in Deklein to the Tribute region, space we took back during the Tribute War in late 2012.  I was there for that!

For me that means moving a lot of stuff I have accumulated over the last four years.  It is amazing how much stuff starts to collect in you hangar.  So I took my reactivated alt account and set him up to be a cyno monkey and got out my Archon to move some ships down to Tribute.

Archon... landing too far from the station...

Archon… landing too far from the station…

Here is where the Phoebe expansion changes rankle a bit.  First there is jump fatigue and the jump activation timer, which means waiting between jumps in the carrier as well as effectively limiting the number of jumps I can make in an evening.  That part isn’t so bad.  I can wait.  And I don’t want to spend all night moving stuff in any case.

Jump Fatigue timer counting down...

Jump timer counting down…

But then there is the second part of the Phoebe change, which limited jump range of capital ships.  Pre-Phoebe, having trained up Jump Drive Calibration to 5, my Archon could have made the jump from our old staging to our new in one go.  Now, with the 5 light year cap, it is three jumps.  So there was a bit more work for me, getting my cyno placed and then jumping the carrier in and docking up in one station after another.  You adapt to the game at hand, and fortunately I was able to get most of the ships I wanted to bring south into the Archon for one run.

The rest of the ships were a bit scattered.  But I managed to get them down safe, including some of the fat targets.

A Notcis on the go is easy mean

A Notcis on the go is easy meat

Moving stuff down was a bit easier.  There is a convenient jump bridge that goes most of the way down and haulers get a break on the amount of jump fatigue incurred.

Heading down in a Crane

Heading down in a Crane

After I got myself setup in the new staging, I started trying to reel in some of the more scattered ships I have strewn about null sec, starting with that Harpy I left in Fountain.  We still hold the staging system at 4-EP12, but as I mentioned above, Black Legion has moved into the area in a big way.

The route out of Fountain is through Black Legion space now

The route out of Fountain is through Black Legion space now

I figured with the Harpy I had a chance making a run for home through their space.  So I undocked and took the direct route to B-DBYQ and Cloud Ring, where I could again use the jump bridge network to at least shorten my route home.

The last Harpy out of Fountain

The last Harpy out of Fountain

Fortunately, Black Legion seemed to have business elsewhere.  I zipped through the few systems, some very familiar to me still from the war two years back.

I remember fighting TEST here...

I remember fighting TEST here…

In Cloud Ring I picked up the jump bridge network as planned.  It was later in the evening on the West coast, so it seemed good odds that I would have a smooth trip from there, with just a few waits on jump activation timers before I could log off and let that Jump Fatigue wear off while I slept.

However, trouble found me where it often does, in  W-4NUU, a system I had to pass through on the route, and one that is adjacent to low sec, so which is easy for random people to camp.

I came through the gate into the system only to see a couple neutrals in local, which included a Garmur on the gate just waiting for me to break cloak.  Since I have found that my best odds in solo PvP drastically improve when I don’t fire my guns, I decided to just burn for the gate and head back the way I came.

As soon as I broke cloak and lit my afterburner the Garmur started locking me up.  He had me webbed and scrammed and was firing on me by the time I got into range of the gate, but that just meant I could jump through while he would have to wait a minute for his aggression timer to run down.  However, while he was shooting, his partner in crime uncloaked and declined to open fire, following me through the gate in an Ishtar.  Once through the gate and half a step ahead, I knew I could outrun the Ishtar.  I think he was just hoping to get lucky on the other side of the gate, that I might hang around.

Instead I headed for the alternate jump bridge route, which would actually bring me closer to our new alliance staging system.  However, there was an issue.  When you land on a jump bridge, you expect to see something like this:

A jump bridge module, ready to send you 5 ly down the road

A jump bridge module, ready to send you 5 ly down the road

Instead, when I landed at the POS on the alternate route, I found this.

A jump bridge still in its shipping container

A jump bridge module still in its shipping container

The jump bridge I was expecting to find was unanchored and just hanging in space in the box it came in, waiting for some good soul from GSOL to set it up… or take it away… one or the other.  So no jump bridge route down to Tribute.  Still, I wasn’t all that far from Deklein, so I just headed up and through fade, waving to the Space Monkeys as I passed through their staging system, and on into our old home.  One more ship back in the seven regions.

And while that was going on, there was a ping for a Reavers op.  Having used my jump clone recently, Wilhelm wasn’t going to be able to get down there.  But my alt was available, had a clone not too far away from our staging system in Querious, and could fly the Ishtar fit that the Reavers favor, so off he went.

The war down there has been carrying on, with Darkness taking back a bunch of systems.  But we still hold ED-L9T and have gone back to our more normal mode of operation, avoiding stand-up fights unless we have the numbers, docking up when we don’t, and shooting structures and setting timers whenever we can just to be annoying.

Foothold in Querious

Foothold in Querious

All that is more difficult without a second front to draw the enemy away, but we have cut deals with a number of the locals who got screwed over by N3, so we have some support.

I have been busy up north so I have been missing out on some of the bigger Reavers ops.  Last time I was down in Querious we got slaughtered, but recently we have had some wins with our allies down there.  I was a day late for our last big win, and that apparently but Darkness in a down mood as they declined to come out to play.  That was a shame because a group from Karma Fleet took a wormhole down to join in the fun.  They were all in frigate and were sent to go sit on the Darkness undock and taunt them while we went about our business.  We shot one of their towers, saved one of ours, and planned what to do next time around.  I have a few screen shots from that, though nothing terribly exciting.

And so the null sec churns and I fly all over the place as we all wait for the big sovereignty changes to finally hit.

The Doomed Convoy at KVN-36

The convoy ops for the final evacuation out of Fountain had been posted on the forums and broadcast multiple times daily on Jabber over the days preceding this past weekend.  Anybody who had been paying even the slightest amount of attention knew they were coming.  We were headed for home in the seven regions.

CFC / Imperium Space

CFC / Imperium Space

I mentioned having to get my stuff together last week.  Well all that warning was sufficient.  I managed to slip a couple of ships out and back to Deklein during the week, I moved the couple of ships I had in TEG-SD up to 4-EP12 (I put one Celestis up on contract cheap and somebody grabbed it pretty quick), and the night before the I got my main and alt accounts setup and in the two big remaining ships, a Dominix and a Megathron, ready for the move ops.

There were going to be three move ops on Saturday, at least from my time perspective.  One at 4:30am my time, one at noon my time, and one at 7:00pm my time (which is actually Sunday EVE Online time, since the game runs on UTC), each passing through the same set of systems to pick people up along the way, starting in Sakht and ending in B-DBYQ, hitting each of the staging systems in between, before heading along the most direct path home.

The purpose of a move op is to for a fleet massive enough that it won’t be viewed as a target of opportunity at gate camps and such.  ~200 ships makes for a tough nut to crack unless you plan for it.

I was tempted to try and get into the first move op.  I wasn’t going to get up at 4:30am, but I knew from past experience that move ops tend to be slow.  The idea isn’t just to get somewhere, but to get everybody in the op home safely.  That means you wait for people who disconnect or who get lost or who somehow fall a system or two behind.  It is a job more for a shepherd than a fleet commander.  And 4-EP12 is one of the last systems on the list, so I would have a lot of time before the op got there.

I also knew that our cats would wake me up at some point around 6am because they still don’t quite get the concept of “weekends” and get worried I might miss work if I am still in bed then.  And, true to form, our cat Rigby got on the bed and started meowing at me around 6am, waking me up.  I immediately… okay, maybe slowly… got up, walked down the hall to my office, booted up my computer, and got into EVE Online. However, things appeared to be moving apace for the early op, as they had already passed my system and were actually only a couple jumps from home, all in about 90 minutes.  Good speed for a move op and, I hoped, an indication of how things would go on the next op.

So it was back to bed for a bit more sleep.

I had warned my wife that there might be a two hour move op starting at noon our time, and she seemed to be okay with that.  There was an event going on in our local downtown area she wanted to go to, but it didn’t start until 2pm and ran into the evening.  Plenty of time.

Around 11:45am (18:45 UTC) I logged into EVE Online with both my accounts and started waiting for the fleet advert to appear.  I had things ready to go and decided, since I would spend a good part of the op just sitting and waiting for it to get to me, that I would take notes with time stamps, just in case this turned into a trail of tears op.

The classic Trail of Tears move op

The classic Trail of Tears move op

Game to blog, blog to game and all that.

So from this point forward, everything will be in reference to something I noted, with a time stamp in UTC.  I am also going to put in a cut here because of many words and a pile of screen shots.

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The Loneliness of the Deep Space Entosis Pilot

As much as possible, the Entosis Link capture progress should reflect which group has effective military control of the grid.

CCP Fozzie, Summer 2015 Nullsec and Sov Status Report

As expected… and we did expect some revisions, didn’t we… CCP has taken in a lot of feedback on the proposed changes to null sec sovereignty capture/control mechanics the announced back in early March and has come up with some changes.  The focus is still on reducing the effort needed to take space nobody uses while giving systems that people live in a defensive advantage, so some of the changes are focused on aspects of that.

Alliances will be able to declare a capital system which will get a defensive bonus, as such systems tend to be staging systems that see a lot of activity, so nobody in their right mind rats or mines in them regularly.  There has also been some tinkering with the time zone and defensive rating mechanics as well as some work on the UI.

Activity Defense Multiplier

Activity Defense Multiplier

But for me, the interesting bit was how they plan to handle the Entosis Link module in the field.  The Entosis Link module is the magic dingus, the focus, the veritable Schwerpunkt of Fozzie Sov.

Much fun was had after this module was announced, imagining it being fit on an interceptor to troll sovereignty or on a carrier made indestructible via a web of triage support.  The system looked prime to be gamed.

CCP took all that feedback and laid down the following restrictions for the Entosis Link module:

  • High Slot module with a limit of one per ship
  • Requires a target lock on the structure to have any impact
  • While the module is active, your ship is unable to cloak, warp, dock, jump or receive remote assistance. There is no way to get rid of the module penalties early except for losing your ship
  • The first cycle of the module is always a “warmup cycle” and has no impact. If you lose lock or the module is disabled for any reason, you’ll need to go through that warmup cycle again before you can continue exerting any influence over the structure
  • Other than that warmup cycle, the cycle time of the module does not impact how long it takes to capture a structure. Once you’re past the warmup cycle all that matters is that your module stays active
  • Capital ships have a role penalty that increases the module cycle time by 5x
  • Consumes Strontium Clathrates as fuel for each cycle

The the links themselves have their own parameters.

T1 Entosis Link

  • +250,000kg mass when online
  • 5 Minute Cycle Time
  • 25km range

T2 Entosis Link

  • +1,000,000kg mass when online
  • 2 Minute Cycle Time
  • 250km range

So that quote up at the top of the post looks to be a true statement, because once you activate the Entosis Link module you can’t run, you can’t hide, and you can’t get any help/heals, so the grid around the structure becomes a space born game of… and forgive me for using the term of art from my childhood… smear the queer, with every hostile ship in the system aware that you are in the staring role.

And you have to stay alive anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes depending on the various factor of defense and what not.

I am keen to see how this evolves as an operational art and what ships will end up being the module carriers and what counter tactics will evolve.  For example, it seems like a determined defender, even if driven of the structure grid, could sacrifice some electronic warfare ships to break the target lock of the ship carrying the Entosis Link module just to make like miserable for the attackers.

Anyway, we will see how this works out soon, though not as soon as expected.  The newt round of sovereignty updates will be spread across two releases, the first being the Carnyx expansion on June 2, followed by the Aegis expansion on July 7.

As for how things will work during that interim period between the two… well… I read the words, understood their individual meanings and how they came together to form coherent sentences, but I am pretty sure I don’t understand the reality of how sov will work during most of June and the first week of July.

Meanwhile, move operations continue as The Imperium withdraws within its new borders.  Some groups are still out and about, including the Reavers down in Querious.  But I suspect that we’ll be spending a chunk of may re-arranging who goes where in the seven regions.

Traveling Home and the Contraction of Empire

I think it says something about the nature of EVE Online that I end up writing about move operations as often as I do.  Essentially, there is no magic bank or mail system in New Eden that will deliver your stuff.  If you need stuff moved you have to haul it yourself or hire somebody else to do it for you.

And so it is that I sit with a pile of ships and supplies to move this month.  By the time the June expansion drops, which will bring the next changes to how null sec sovereignty, The Imperium plans to be sorted out and ready to defend its smaller territory.

(New Eden map from DOTLAN)

CFC / Imperium Space

CFC / Imperium Space

The old CFC at its peak held a lot of space, and empire that ran from Tenal down to Period Basis, linked by a network of jump bridges that made moving a fleet of subcaps from one end to another a viable operation.  You couldn’t base out of Querious from Deklein and conduct a sustained offensive campaign on a whim.  There would still need to be a supply chain setup and replacement ships put on the market to keep operations going.  But for defense you could move from Deklein and be anywhere in the empire in an hour.

Then came the Phoebe expansion back in November, and with it came jump fatigue and the end of the ability to defend on all fronts.  That restricted the effective size of the empire and three regions in the south were sold off.

Phoebe certainly didn’t take offensive operations off the board, as we saw in Delve in April, an event that demonstrated how unwieldy holding large stretches of space could be The Imperium hit one front while paying PL and encouraging the Russians to hit another.  And after the conquest of Delve and parts of Querious The Imperium is pulling back, leaving our allies to hold on to the space they grabbed.  The Kadeshi are already retaking systems after having been cleared from the map on May first.

The newly christened Imperium has mostly pulled back up into Fountain.  A few stay behind groups are active to harass the former owners and to keep their reconquest from being completely unopposed in some areas, but otherwise the march north has begun.

But Fountain is just a waypoint on the road home, as it is being handed over or abandoned.  The Hero Coalition and Black Legion have both setup in the region and have begun to fight. (You can read about what is going on at the excellent Updates blog that covers null sec.)  We are holding a few key systems to facilitate our exit, but convoys out have already begun, convoys passing through Cloud Ring, also to be abandoned, to the new core of regions that will make up The Imperium; Tenal, Branch, Deklein, Fade, Pure Blind, Tribute, and The Vale of the Silent.

Of course, we’ve held Fountain for a while now and were told to pre-position ships there to cover the south of the empire, so I have a dozen ships in our long held staging system that I want to bring home.  Foolish me for following orders and actually staging ships there.  In practice all ops came out of Deklein and I rarely ever used any of the ships I held there… most of which aren’t even part of official doctrine any more.  So while I would like to be down in Querious with the Reavers (or engaging in other game shenanigans), I am over in Fountain planning my exit.  The big ships, the battleships, will have to wait for convoys.  I might have to activate my second account for a stretch just so I can fly two ships at a time.  (None of our freighter services are running out of Fountain any more, or I would just strip the ships, repackage everything, and ship it all back to Deklein… or Jita to sell.  Losing the rigs would be worth it, but no such luck.)

Other ships I should be able to slip out on my own.  For some reason half of my ships down there are stealth bombers of various fits, including a special Mister Vee fit that was required for a short period of time during the 2013 war in Fountain.  I did manage to slip a Scimitar into Imperium space last night.

Scimitar traveling home

Scimitar traveling home

I ran the route to Pure Blind in a stealth bomber first, then back in just a pod.  The route was clear both ways so I decided to risk the Scimi, and managed to get it home safe.

Of course “home” is a relative term.  They are docked up in Imperium space, and in systems held by my alliance, TNT, but other changes are coming.  There will be another big reorganization of alliances in order to spread forces around to hold the seven kingdoms regions of The Imperium.

This is, of course, causing some grumbling of its own.  We can be a very conservative bunch and the idea of giving up long held systems in which we have ratted and mined for ages (as long as five and a half years in the case of one system), rubs people the wrong way.  It means yet more moving and learning new places and figuring out where to rat and where to mine, all while wondering if the promised infrastructure that will improve true sec (which could make currently nonviable ratting/mining systems worthwhile) will make it in June or not.  The opinion of the leadership is that we need a much higher density of players in our space in order to hold it, which means every system possible needs to be viable.

And then there is a rumor about a pessimistic view of the upcoming changes, in that we aren’t even sure if we have enough players to hold the regions we have staked out.  The Bastion was added as an alliance a while back in order to give corps a home if their alliance folded up shop, in order to retain players.  Now there is a big drive to recruit more players.  Karma Fleet was a started, but other alliances in The Imperium are apparently looking for their at their own variations on that.  I don’t claim to know what is going to happen come the June expansion, but we certainly seem to be hunkering down should a storm blow in.

Meanwhile, we will see how the rest of the null sec map changes over the summer.  I don’t expect any of the old names to disappear… Against All Authorities, Ev0ke, and TEST all  just resurfaced yet again on the sov map recently… but will the those names be able to hold on to huge swathes of space they once held?

So it is off for home, though I am not sure which system will technically be “home” at this point.  In all likelihood I will spend more time which ever system becomes the staging system for The Imperium than any system held by my alliance or frequented by my corp.  But that won’t be much of a change from how things are now for me.  The chaos of the changes though, that could be something new and interesting.

Imperium vs Zombies

No, I am not talking about the animated corpse of N3.

Yes, whatever is left of the great N3 invasion of Fountain is still sort of spluttering along.  It is the first of May and the former owners of Delve hold only two of the 85 systems they once owned in the region.  Wait, no, the last two TCUs went down even as I wrote that.  So we’ll call that done.  Key systems in Querious and even Period Basis have been falling as well.  The invaders have now scattered, though null remains active in its own way.

Between now and the next expansion on June 9th, which will introduce changes to sovereignty warfare, The Imperium’s main plan is to pull back into its homeland in the north and prepare for the coming brave new world.

During this quiet time, the loyal troops of The Imperium have been given a new task, a new war to fight, a new territory to invade.  We will be headed into the dystopian age of H1Z1.

Operation Announced

Operation Announced

Like a million other suckers before us, we are going to put down $20 for Daybreak’s launched yet still not finished zombie not-an-MMO thing.

Part of this is finding something else to do as a group, while another part is the fact that The Imperium leadership is tight with Smed, who was a member of the CFC himself at one time.  He even sent The Mittani a “welcome to the neighborhood” message that was shared with us.

Please let your goonswarm know that my fellow H1Z1 team members and I have decided to make tmw afternoon all about hunting newbie goons for sport. Please apologize to your friends for their impending deaths and make sure they know of our warning.

We’ve prepared a video of what it’s going to look like. We do apologize ahead of time, but we wanted to welcome you to H1Z1 in a special way!

The video was of Smed’s dog humping a cushion.  He likes us, he really likes us.  So we have that going for us.  We’ll see if the servers are up to the challenge.  Right now it seems more like Smed’s team will be fixing login/disconnect problems.

And this was also a moment of opportunity.  A big patch dropped for H1Z1, the details of which can be found on Daybreak’s new official forums, the key item of which is a complete player wipe.  Welcome to launched but not released.

But trashing all those carefully built up bases means that The Imperium comes in on an equal footing.  Well, equal in that everything is up for grabs and we can find a decent place to call our own.  Perhaps not so equal in that the plan is pretty much the same as the 2006 Goonswarm plan, though replace noobs in badly fit frigates swarming the enemy with noobs wielding primitive weapons swarming the enemy.

We were actually promised machetes.  We’ll see how that turns out.

As a warm up some of us got on last night, and I have to admit that there may be something to the game.  I am pretty sure I would quickly tire of it as a solo effort, but being in a group on voice coms trying to find each other and figure out what was going on was pretty fun.

Likewise, PvE seems like it would be pretty tame.  Zombies are not much of a threat and are easily avoided.  My main environmental concern, besides food and water, seemed to be wolves.  I died to wolves more than anything else, though I punched a few to death in return.  But aside from wolves, and an unfortunate incident with a bear, other people are the main thrill of the game.

Oddly, the first thing I learned to do on coms was take off my clothes and shred them in order to make a bag to hold things.  So there was some running about in my underwear for a while.

The hunder and his prey

The hunter and his prey

There is a starting stretch where you are gathering stuff and trying to find your mates while wandering around the land trying to match up landmarks to the rough in-game map, something made even more difficult when darkness falls. Fortunately clothes and other items are not too scarce and I was able to get myself together and find the rest of the team after about an hour.

I found a hat, and a machete

I found a hat, and a machete

There was some chasing around as random people wandered into the area.  That, as I said, is the interesting bit.  You don’t see names until you are very close and when you are running after somebody all they have to do is break line of sight around an obstacle and suddenly reacquiring them can be a chore if there is any cover at all.

My third leading cause of death, after wolves and suicide respawns was gunshot wounds.  Stranger danger is a thing in H1Z1.  At one point as I was trying to find our group, I ran across a couple of guys who played friendly at first.  Then one shot me in the back of the head.  Later on, when I was with the group, I got up to the top of a rise and was gunned down again by an unseen assailant.  A lesson in that I am sure.

Anyway, it seems like it might make for an interesting diversion during the month of May.  We’ll see how it goes.

In Your Systems Taking Your Space

We are hellcamping enemy staging because that’s what it’s come to. One squad of jacket wearing roleplayers is now camping in an enemy alliance. Logon if you want to spread the good news about Max Singularity VI, the first of his name.

-Asher Elias

The war in the southwest of New Eden continues apace.  Once The Imperium gathers its forces into a mighty hammer and begins to pound on its foes, pieces eventually begin to fall.  At this point the change list for the Delve region over at DOTLAN shows N3 having lost 45 systems, or more that half the conquerable space.

Over the weekend the fights are mostly concentrated around 1-SMEB, where the hostiles were based… until they lost that system Sunday morning and, with it, the ability to dock up.  N3 had already given up fighting for the region, so the dominoes falling faster is natural enough.  But losing the system from which you are based, locking your alliance out of who know how many assets, is another story altogether.

And then there was the liberation of Mister Vee’s Cruor for the nth time, locked as it always is in NOL-M9, awaiting the next invasion of Delve.  He never actually rescues it.  It just sits there, having only two states of existence; sometimes it is free, and at other times it is trapped and waiting to be freed.  But it is never actually removed from harm’s way and brought back to Imperium space.

So the forces of the true Emperor of Amarr, Maximilian Singularity VI, spread his word… whatever that word happens to be.

I joined for the spiffy outerwear quite frankly, so why not?

And the most spiffy in that regard in His army are those of the Reavers, as more and more of our squad dons the jacket and takes up the official pose.  We have a infographic about it around here somewhere.

Anyway, the Reavers have been out and about in their flashy new uniforms and actually taking sovereignty in Querious.

Our corner of Querious

Our corner of Querious

Yes, we already broke sovereignty for our foes, first in ED-L9T and then more recently in C-7SBM.  We interrupted their hold on the systems, requiring them to start back ad level 0.  But in both of those cases the enemy formed up to take the system back from us.

But that is the point of the Reavers.  We are there to shoot things and set timers until we become annoying enough that the enemy has to pull pilots from the main fight in order to take care of us.  At that point we win, having done our job.  We can fade back into the bush and wait for the enemy to leave before starting again.  And if we shoot the same structures in the same system over and over… well, so long as it works.  But actually taking and holding sovereignty, that is a new thing.

And it isn’t just because N3 has given up on Querious.  We have been facing a group of pilots from Darkness, drawn from the front lines in Delve, who have been forming up to fight us now and again.  But they haven’t taken back VT-G2P or 9-HM04 from us yet.

In fact, in a new turn, we have been taking the fight to them.  We spent a good portion of Sunday in their local staging system, 9CG6-H, shooting their defensive SBUs, laying down our own, and then camping their station with them inside, all during their prime time hours. (They seemed to be mostly pilots from the French corporations Teutate Raiders and League 42.)

Again, this isn’t really our normal operating procedure.  We don’t generally go in with big numbers, 30 being a good size fleet for us most days of the week.  We get some assistance now and again.  We have had Harpy fleets from the main force sweep through the area when hostiles have formed in significant numbers and we have agreements with a few of the local groups that like to prey in the region.  But we’re not dropping multiple battleship fleets on a system to cover capitals doing a shoot.  We go in with some Ishtars and a little logi and a few scouts to set up shop and shoot things for an extended period of time.  If things are good, we drop in a couple of big guns to help us out, but most days it is just us and our sentry drones.

So it was something of a change of pace to sit on a hostile station again in order to protect our SBUs while they went online.  The enemy came out to fight a couple of times.  They bombed us during the SBU shoots and then formed up a kitchen sink cruiser fleet to challenge us on the undock.  We force the issue by shooting up the station services, removing their ability to repair or set clones amongst other things.

The fights were small, with a few losses on each side.  There were enough bombs flying that I managed to lose all my drones over the course of things.  Probably the most strenuous part of the whole thing for me was when I ended up being the logi anchor and had to actually pay attention to where I was flying.  I have managed to avoid that sort of thing up until now, preferring to just stare out the window and take pictures.  Instead I had to keep our station relative to the main group while trying to stay within range of a group of blues that dropped in to help for a bit but who didn’t bring their own logi, all of which I took more seriously than I probably needed to.  I did end up using the WASD keys to fly around for a bit, a feature that came in with the Rhea expansion back in December.

And that was my weekend in space.  We shot structures, stood up on the enemy’s door step for a while, then headed back home when all the shooting was done.  But there are always more timers waiting for us.