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Honest Game Trailers – Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney

Over the years I have seen bits and pieces of Phoenix Wright… games on the store shelves, a reference in here and there, somebody inevitably cosplaying as him at Fanime every year… but I never really got what the series was about.  Now, thanks to Honest Game Trailers, I guess I do… and I sort of want to try playing it.  We’ll see.

All Across The Imperium

The Ministry of Truth and RMT Records are back at it with a song/parody to commemorate our migration from the north down to Delve.

(Based on Jimi Hendrix, All Along the Watchtower )

The lyrics end on a prophetic note:

Down south in cold Aridia
Asher did growl
Cerb fleet forming up in Sakht
The new era’s beginning now

What will this new era bring?  Also, is it really cold in Aridia?