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Seated on the Throne of Tides

It was Saturday night and we were all online and in-game extra early.  The usual start time is 9pm.  A couple weeks back we all showed up at a little after 8pm.  This time we seemed to have a group nearly ready to go at about a quarter after 7pm.

It isn’t unusual to find Earl or I or Skronk on that far in advance, but when Bung showed up we knew we were off to an early start.  Ula was rousted out of whatever she was up to and got into the game, giving us the whole team.

  • Earlthecat – Level 82 Human Warrior Tank
  • Skronk – Level 82 Dwarf Priest Healing
  • Bungholio – Level 82 Gnome Warlock DPS
  • Alioto – Level 82 Night Elf Druid DPS
  • Ula – Level 82 Gnome Mage DPS

From there we figured we ought to head straight into our first Cataclysm instance, the Throne of Tides in Vashj’ir.

In order to avoid anybody feeling the ill effects of motion sickness from the sometimes disorienting zone of Vashj’ir, Skronk and I swam out to the great whirlpool at the bottom of the abyssal something or other and went on through to the other side.

The whirlpool beckons

The whirlpool beckons

There we were able to use the summoning stone to get everybody together.

Summoning Stone

Summoning Stone

Then it was just a matter of getting everybody pointed in the right direction and through the portal and into the instance.

More after the cut because… well… the same stuff I say every time.

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Hull Tanking – My Most Elite Certificate Preserved

Let it never be said that CCP does not have a sense of humor.

I noted a while back that, as a bit of a laugh, that I have managed to earn the coveted “Hull Tanking Elite” certificate.

However, with Rubicon, the whole certificate system went through a revamp, in an attempt to give it more focus.  So now we have mastery system that comes up with each ship… which is different, though I am not sure it is any more accurate.  Under the old system, I was pretty sure I was elite with the Drake.  Now I am not so sure.

Level III overall? *cry*

Level III overall? *cry*

So the old certificates were washed away with the excess bits once Rubicon came out… except for one.

I was claiming my items from the EVE 2013 Advent Calendar… which you should go do as well because… free stuff!  And you can claim prizes from the days that have passed, so you can still catch up.

CCP Staff as they really are...

CCP Staff as they really are…

Anyway, amongst the items that I claimed was a special edition commodity… a copy of the now obsolete hull tanking certificate to keep as a reminder that I once achieved such a silly thing.

Hull Tanking FTW!

Hull Tanking FTW!

That has CCP written all over it.