Carbine Studios in One Minute

A quick round up of the history of Carbine Studios, makers of WildStar.

(Direct link to video)

One thing that always strikes me about the group that started Carbine is that they left Blizzard in 2005, long before WoW peaked, many months before the first expansion, and even before the game really settled down and worked out some of the early annoyances and rough patches.  Now, more than 8 years down the line, when many other aspirants to the WoW throne have launched and stumbled, here they are at last.

I did think the partabout “paths” in the video was more than a bit off.  Carbine did not interview anybody, they just used the Bartle types and said as much.

5 thoughts on “Carbine Studios in One Minute

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Wasn’t Tom Chick the guy who was down on MMOs a few years back? Didn’t like subscriptions, didn’t like aggro management, didn’t like hot bars or whatever? (He’s seems to have deleted his old site, and Scott Jennings, who took issue with his post, is having problems with his own site. And the internet archive is letting me down on this one.)


  2. zaphod6502

    I think from memory you are correct Wilhelm. Tom Chick was never a fan of MMO’s. I seem to remember he only ever played them long enough to pump out a review for his website.


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