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Riding in the Kylong Plains

I managed to finish up the cloud mount quest line in Kingdom of Sky fairly early on over the weekend.  As a tour of the expansion, that worked out pretty well.  You end up seeing most of the various sky islands and some of the key locations in the expansion.  Some of them, like the Sanctum of the Scaleborn, are heroic level, but with a healing mercenary in tow, following Sigwerd around, that worked out well enough.  Heroic mobs were manageable, even if I got an add.

I skipped every other quest I ran across, and sold all of the collectibles I picked up on the market, fearing I wouldn’t be there long enough to complete any of those collections.  That meant, in addition to hitting heroic mobs, I was also a bit behind in levels.  Again, a healing mercenary solved that problem and I was able to run the whole thing down, even the couple of rather awkward jumping segments.

And at the end of the quest chain there was a huge pile of loot.

Here lies treasure...

Here lies treasure…

That pile of treasure has no relation to what you actually end up with, but it certainly helped mark the spot.  What you do get is a small amount of gold (at least relative to that pile), experience, a decorative dish with some gems on it for your home, and the cloud mount itself.

Cloud mount away!

Cloud mount away!

The cloud mount doesn’t actually fly, except when the quest delivers you back to your start point.  It is just a ground mount that happens to look like you’re riding on a cloud.  Certainly better looking than some mounts in Norrath.

The setup to a "frog in a blender" joke

The setup to a “frog in a blender” joke

And you can turn it into a house item, which was my immediate plan. (Though wait until you get back to your house to do so. If you convert it to a house item when the quest gives it to you, you end up stuck on a branch sticking out of the side of a floating island with no way back.)

Then I discovered that the cloud mount had one attribute that distinguished it from other ground mounts.  It applies the feather fall effect to you, which means that when you ride off a cliff you glide gently down to ground level, in a way reminiscent of the Fae glide trait back when Echoes of Faydwer launch, before it got reworked, normalized, or otherwise nerfed.

So I decided to keep the cloud mount and make it my default, though because even mounts have appearance slots in EverQuest II, I was able to keep my horse as my mount look.  It just so happens to be a magic, gliding horse now.

Glide, horse, glide!

Glide, horse, glide!

All of which left me at level 66 and ready to head into the Rise of Kunark expansion, which kicks off in the Kylong Plains.

Landing in Kunark

Landing in Kunark

I am pretty sure I landed at the dock with another character way back in the day just to see it, but with RoK mostly being a level 70 to 80 expansion, I had not gone any further.

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