Daily Archives: March 22, 2017

See Your Space Wealth

Yesterday we got another minor patch on top of the YC119.3 update that gave us a new feature.  Per the updated release notes:

Added a Total Net Worth counter to the character sheet. This is accessed by clicking a ? icon in the character sheet header. This counter updates once every 5 minutes.

So now not only can you see your total ISK on hand by checking your wallet, but looking at your character sheet will give you your estimated net worth.  Clicking on the question mark will break the two numbers out so you can see how much you hold in ISK and assets.

Wilhelm… the background color behind the name is sub-optimal

This isn’t a startling new thing.  Some third party apps, such as Neocom on iOS and the internal GSF utility EVE Thing have been able to give you such an estimate in the past.

However, then citadels came along and mucked everything up on the data front, something we’ve yet to recover from.  The two apps I mentioned just don’t know about any assets you might have in citadels, while EVE Mon reliably crashes every time it tries to tell me a sales order was completed in a such a structure.  Since I don’t really pay attention to the CREST API stuff, I can’t tell you if that isn’t up to par yet or if the utilities haven’t caught up, but citadels certainly seem more opaque than stations when I go hunting for data.

Anyway, I am actually surprised my widely spread assets are valued at that much.  Almost 22 billion ISK seems like a lot of money for me to have tied up in stuff.  I have an Archon and an Apostle, which together add up to maybe 5 billion ISK.  But other than that, I have some normal-ish sub caps, none of which likely exceed 300 million ISK in value, and then a bunch of modules and ore and other crap strewn across stations all over New Eden.

So I suppose the next logical feature to ask for is some sort of ranking list to show what assets are tying up how much wealth, because my gut says there is probably 10 billion ISK worth of stuff I don’t use stored away somewhere.