SuperData Research Says Pokemon Go is Back but not in the Top Ten

The SuperData Research numbers are out for June 2017.

SuperData Research Top 10 – June 2017

On the PC side of the chart, the top six entries remained the same compared to the May chartWorld of Warcraft is still listed as a single entry rather than being broken out East/West.

Further down the list, World of Tanks was down a slot, losing seventh place to the hot new awkwardly named kid on the block, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.  Likewise, Overwatch lost ground, dropping to tenth position, being overtaken by comparatively long in the tooth title ROBLOX.  The miracles of massive online games I guess.

Dropping from the PC top ten were Counter Strike: Global Offensive and New Westward Journey Online II.

At the other end, while SuperData noted in the text accompanying the chart that Pokemon Go saw a significant boost in June due to the gym and raid update, it was not enough to get the game back on the list.   Candy Crush Saga, which returned to the list last month dropped from seventh to eighth place, but somehow hangs on in the top ten revenue list after all these years.

8 thoughts on “SuperData Research Says Pokemon Go is Back but not in the Top Ten

  1. anypo8

    How does Candy Crush Saga stay in the top 10? The game designers only carefully-controlled positive changes to a familiar game. It has a trivial user interface and is easy to learn and play. It never crashes.

    I see no lessons any other game developer could learn here.


  2. SynCaine

    Mobile gaming is also a space where once you are established, keeping the momentum going is pretty easy. The platform is mostly casual, so people don’t burn content as fast as PC/Console gaming, which means if you play Candy Crush, and it’s updated a bit, you can keep playing it month over month for 5min or whatever a day. You don’t beat the game, see all its content, and go looking for another mobile game.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I suppose I am less surprised about longevity… after all, on this blog I write about some games I have been playing for ten years or more… but that people throw so much money at it that it ranks in the top ten for earnings. By paying you can remove any challenge from the game, but perhaps I overestimate the popularity of challenge and its relationship to accomplishment.


  4. Sleepysam

    Know anything about the mobile title that don’t show up in the ios app store? I’m guessing they are asian titles that don’t translate.


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