The Passing of the 2019 Steam Winter Sale

The new year has been rung in, we’ve had a day off, and now it is January 2nd and reality has to kick in for some of us.  Not me.  I’m not going back to work until Monday.  But not everybody has that luxury or that much vacation time back logged.

And so it is with Valve.  By the time this posts another Steam Winter Sale will have come and gone.

Holiday 2019 Edition

Lots of things were on sale.  I got the traditional email letting me know that just about everything on my Steam wish list had been marked down.  And yet I got through almost the entire sale without buying a thing.  It looked like another dry year for me.  I didn’t even log on to play the store event game, which seemed pretty dry… dry enough that they had to revise it mid-way through to drum up some interest.  You think Valve would have that nailed down by this point.

The reasons for my lack of interest in buying new games are not much different than most years.  That something is on sale at Steam is no longer reason enough to buy it.  The novelty is gone there.  I have a list of unplayed games in my Steam library which acts as a deterrent.  And I am invested in playing something at the moment.  When I am not logged into WoW Classic I am logged into EverQuest II and playing the new Blood of Luclin expansion.  Expect posts about that to start next week.

So until yesterday it looked like my only purchase was going to be a Steam gift card for my daughter’s boyfriend as a Christmas gift.

And then we binge watched The Witcher, wrapping it up on New Years Eve, which got me to check if the original game was available on Steam.  And, sure enough, there it was, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, in the store and on sale for $1.49.  So I bought that.

Toss a Coin to Your Witcher

So op success for Steam?  I guess.  I didn’t even end up paying the $1.49.  Because I bought that gift card I ended up with a $5.00 discount, which I applied to the game.

No coins for your Witcher

One more item in my library.  We’ll see if I end up playing it.  But now it is there.

As usual, Steam had its own lists and such to share.  There were the top revenue earners of 2019.

Top Revenue Titles for 2019

The ranking… since there are no numbers… include in-game purchases, which is how the aging Warframe and  Grand Theft Auto V stay up with the newer titles.  Warframe making the top spot is quite a coup.

Then there are the most played games, which has its own ranking structure.  Still, there is some overlap between revenue and being played.

Most played titles for 2019

You can find more such lists on the Steam Blog entry about 2019.

Then there were the Steam Awards, the user nominated and elected “best of…” designations.  It wasn’t a surprise to even me that Beat Sabre won the best VR game, since it is literally the only new VR game I can recall hearing about.  VR isn’t dead, but it is a lot more aspirational than real still.  And Grand Theft Auto V crept into another winning position.  How does that game keep going?  I guess I might know if I played the copy I bought during the Steam Summer Sale.

And so it goes.  I have one new game in my Steam library and six months to go until the summer sale. (I don’t count the spring and autumnal sales, they don’t get nearly as much press.)

3 thoughts on “The Passing of the 2019 Steam Winter Sale

  1. Redbeard

    If I were totally snarky about the best of lists, I’d suggest that the reason why people still buy and play Grand Theft Auto V is for two reasons: having fun with the glitches and the nudity. The former I know about because my oldest has had great fun over at a friends’ house as they try to exploit the glitches for fun and laughts (like the time they stole a bus and had it glitch down a manhole, to howls of laughter from her entire friends’ group). The latter, because I suspect that’s one of the few reasons why Age of Conan is still hanging in there; every time I log into AoC I see some nude toon wander by, typically with a succubus demon (also nude) in tow.

    But GTA V aside, I did purchase a couple of items in the Steam sale: Rise of the Tomb Raider, My Time at Portia (a 3D farming/building game in the same vein as Stardew Valley), and Conan Exiles. The last one seems to have finally matured from its bug strewn Early Access/Launch, so we’ll see how much this embraces the Robert E. Howard Hyborean Era. The nightmare is that we just end up with AoC Part 2, complete with the same people making the same nude toons all over the place.


  2. SynCaine

    First Witcher title I enjoyed a lot back in the day, not sure how well it has aged though. It’s also a bit lengthy, so I’d say odds of that being a ‘success’ for you are low. Witcher 2 is pure garbage and Witcher 3 is massively overrated, but still decent.


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