Rob Pardo at the Austin Game Conference

The transcript of Rob Pardo’s Keynote Presentation at the Austin Game Conference last week is really worth reading.

First, you will get some insight into why Blizzard makes games that are just so good.

Second, there are some good insights into the world of MMOs in general.

Finally, it includes one of my favorite themes at my own job when it comes to the subject of polish. I have been riding a similar horse for most of my career. You cannot put together sloppy work and expect that you will fix it up down the road. Do your best work now because you cannot count on having time to make it your best work later. Any address that includes that theme is a good one as far as I am concerned.

You can find the transcript here.

A huge thank you to Brent at VirginWorlds for the transcript!

3 thoughts on “Rob Pardo at the Austin Game Conference

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    LOL! No, on this, you are the noob. I was playing Stellar Emperor on an online service called GEnie in 1986 and as a game SE had been available on commercial online services for a couple of years at that point!

    Anyway, I am almost done with my write up of SE (I knew I was going to have to prove the 20+ year comment) so I will post in soon.


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