Daily Archives: September 30, 2006

September in Review

The Site

I started it this month. I had thought about an MMO blog for a while for variety of motivations, but the trigger was finishing the write up on the EVE Online tutorial because it hit one of my major planned themes: I am a noob, learn from my mistakes.

EVE Online

I started off the month getting further into EVE Online. I have run a ton of missions, done some courier jobs, trained skills, and finally saved up enough to get into a Caldari Destroyer. Still, I seem to have hit a plateau. I have completed a couple of story-line missions, but they do not seem to have amounted to much in my overall status in the game. I did get an implant from one that improves my intelligence, and I was all over that, but nothing else seems to have come of them. Meanwhile, I appear to have done all of the missions from the agents to whom I have access. I still get assignments, but they are always repeats. They have not referred me to anybody else. Somebody in our corp was screwing up out status with these factions however, so that may have had some effect on me. (I am not sure yet how my corp’s standing influences my own.) I left PWN. Shop because it gone lifeless at this point (aside from the standing drain) and am now in one of the default Caldari corps. So I am looking for something else in game, but I do not know what exactly. I am doing the same missions over and over. I am looking for a corp. I am training skills. (I am just past 720K skill points at this time.)

World of Warcraft

I was getting a bit tired of WoW, which was one of the reasons I started EVE Online. However, as I wrote in Changing My Solo Ways, things started looking up in WoW. We have a bunch of new alts in the 12-16 range and hope to get into Deadmines or Wailing Caverns this weekend if we can manage it. I will find something to write about the solo-focused noob facing an actual dungeon crawl as well as some reflections on the rogue class.

The Saga of Ryzom

I downloaded the trial version and tried it out. I have a short piece on it I need to finish up.

Coming up in October

Along with more on the above, I have a backlog of half written essays including more of The EverQuest Nostalgia Tour still to finish. The EQNT is going to end up being four or five posts long. I am stuck finishing up part two because it has too much about me and not enough about the game to interest most people at this point.

I am looking for a regular feature to write, if only because something like that adds structure to my writing process, such that it is. Maybe an “ill informed view of an unreleased MMO after quickly scanning their web site” feature? I have a couple of those posted already!