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Factional Warfare So Far…

2008.06.13 03:26

From: Caldari State

Twilight Cadre is joining the Caldari State faction at war.

Within 24 hours all enemies of the Caldari State faction will be enemies of the Twilight Cadre and fighting may begin.

A waiting period? I know nothing is instant in EVE, but still. What are they doing, a CONCORD background check?

Then I thought that, perhaps, this 24 hour waiting period was to give your corp mates a chance to get out of hostile space.

Except this was waiting for me this morning:

2008.06.13 11:53

From: Caldari State

Twilight Cadre has joined the Caldari State faction at war. Fighting may begin.

I guess it was more a matter of CCP having to re-flag you during down time.

I already visited the one research agent I was using in Minmatar space and cashed out my data cores, having read in advance that the you become a target for the opposing navies anywhere in Empire space once you join a factional militia. I even got a warning from on my trip from a Gallente patrol saying they were going to open fire on me due to my affiliation. This was before I hit the button to join the militia, so I assume it was a glitch. They did not actually target or fire on me.

I took a peek at the Caldari Militia, The State Protectorate, and see that they have plenty of agents available and that, with my standings, I have access through to level 3 agents.

Militia agents are found through the same method as regular agents. I guess if you have an awkward process already in place, why not stick with it? Only you are unlikely to know a lot of the systems these agents are in, so figuring out who to start with is all that more annoying.

My post, How To Find An Agent in EVE Online, is the second most viewed item on this blog. I do not suspect that will change.

Not a shot fired in anger so far by myself. I am an official Protectorate ensign though.

I did read on the militia channel this morning that some old fashioned EVE Pirates have set up shop in one of the contested systems and have been scoring well with their gate camp. You may be headed to a fight with ships in your class, but you may still have to face some very bad odds getting there.

In the mean time I am hauling all my crap 16 jumps, back to a station in Caldari space.