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Nifty Stuff in Norrath

Since I have not been able to get into EverQuest II for the whole Living Legacy thing, I thought I would poke my nose into old school Norrath and see what goodies they might offer to a prodigal son. No Helm of the Fatted Calf I hope.

Of course, going into EverQuest after some time away always presents a challenge or two.


If Usenet was useful for anything besides spam, I would create that group.

I have gone on about this before, but one of the pains of going back to EverQuest, one thing that drives me nuts for the first five days every time, is that the operation of the interface pre-dates MMO standards and I have to figure out how to do even the most simple task from scratch.

So, while the /claim command was obvious, the fact that the contents of the bag it gave me had to be at the root level of my inventory was not. I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to open up the presents (your special armor gift comes wrapped up like that) in that bag. Finally I freed up another slot in my inventory, more one of the presents there and was able to open it up.

Then I had to figure out how good it was, which meant figuring out how to get stats from equipment. I tried all sorts of things involving clicking, right clicking, double clicking, all with a variety of modifier keys until I finally remembered that the way to get information about an item is to hold a right click on the item for a couple of seconds then the window will pop up.

And then it disappears as soon as you let go of the mouse. Arrgh!

Okay, right click, hold, move the cursor over the window with the item information, then let go. At last.

Nice Equipment

I claimed the items for my level 20 Shadow Knight on Luclin. He is the highest level character I have in EQ. The stats on the armor he got was quite impressive. I imagine that different levels get different armor pieces, so it is a shame my main wasn’t higher level, but I’ll work with what I have.

The three pieces of armor I got were the Simple Defiant Breastplate:

The Simple Defiant Plate Boots:

The Simple Defiant Plate Bracer:

All of which were much better that the equipment I already had. It makes me wish I could fill out the set. Then I would be the fully blue Drakkin.

In addition I also received the Simple Defiant Hammer:

The promised two potions, one of speed and one of experience bonus, and the Book of Knowledge, a five charge item that will recall you to the Plane of Knowledge.

Unfortunately, I used one charge while trying to get the stats from it.

All of this came in a seven slot bag, which is okay if you have no bags already. Actually, since they added bank slots with the last expansion, it is probably useful there.

And Then?

Well, now that I have some nifty stuff, I will have to see if I can find some time to hit the current double special hot zones with their additional 25% experience bonus. Off to the Desert of Ro.