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Hail to the Chef Already

I have just about wrapped up all of the cooking achievements in WoW.

First, after several months of running the daily cooking quest in Shattrath I finally got the last recipe that stood between me and the title chef.

The Elusive Recipe

The Elusive Recipe

A fine recipe, Stormchops!  The lightning it generates not only hits mobs you are fighting, but will zap critters that stray too close, even out of combat.

After doing all those cooking quests I had plenty of Clefthoof Meat on hand, but I wasn’t sure where I was going to find Lightning Eels.  However, somebody in the guild dropped a couple stacks in the guild bank.  I have no idea who, but I grabbed some and cooked the final recipe.

And with the title chef, you would think I would be done.  Of course not!  What is a chef without his hat?

The chef’s hat costs 100 Dalaran Cooking awards.  This meant running the Dalaran daily cooking quest for a few more weeks.  Unlike the Shattrath daily cooking quests though, the Dalaran quest rewards you with the award, some cash, a pouch that sometimes has another award, and a small Kirin-Tor faction boost.

The trek to the chef’s hat was sped up some by also running the Dalaran daily fishing quest which, in addition to some more cash and some more Kirin-Tor faction also includes a goody bag that, among other things, has a chance to drop a waterlogged recipe which can be turned in for five Dalaran Cooking awards. (And even more Kirin-Tor faction.)

Finally the hat was mine.

Pilsbury Chic

Pillsbury Chic

No surprise that the hat also comes with an achievement.


And after running all those quests, I realized I was just shy of exalted faction with the Kirin-Tor.  Two more daily fishing and cooking quests did that.

Now the only cooking achievement I have left is Chef de Cuisine which requires one to learn 160 cooking recipes.  I am seven shy of the mark.  Time to go inventory recipes.  I certainly hope I have all of the recipes from daily quests at this point.

And of all that, I think my favorite cooking achievement was Critter Gitter.  There are flocks of penguins around the Argent Tournament area, so I took my critter bites and tamed my 10 critters.

My critter posse

My critter posse

Then I mounted up and rode around the tournament area with 10 penguins in tow.  This may be the only thing I have ever done in WoW that got more that one person to ask me how I did it.  WoW players are generally a jaded lot.

What to work on next?  There are all those fishing achievements I suppose, but I haven’t managed to win a Booty Bay fishing contest yet, so it may be a while before I am salty.