Battle of the Immortals – Key Features

A random item from the world of press releases.

I received a note announcing that Battle of the Immortals will be going into closed beta come April 13th.  Not sure that is news worthy, but if you’re working on a “rolling thunder” style marketing campaign, you have to work with what is at hand.

While I am not particularly interested in the game (the press release was the first I had heard of it) and the closed beta has no traction with me, I did like that they pointed out the key features of the game.

So this is what they want you to know about Battle of the Immortals:

  • 5 Unique Classes – Each with their own distinct skill set and equipment
  • Zodiac System – Empower your character according to their Zodiac symbol
  • Auto-Navigation Quest System – Progress through quests easily with auto-navigation
  • Soul Gear System – Unique sets of armor and gear specifically tailored toward each class that grows and changes as players use them
  • Hardcore PvP – Battle other players to be the best within an in-depth ranking system
  • Hardcore PvE – Compete against other players for the right to take down epic bosses
  • PvE Time Trials – Race against other players to gain access to even greater challenges
  • Pet System – Collect a wide variety of pets ranging from cute to devastating monsters
  • Mount System – Ride upon giant beasts to shorten your travels and engage in combat
  • Territory War System – Battle other guilds for rare relics, resources and other treasures

I’m a little disappointed that neither the pet nor the mount system is hardcore, since they seemed to be on a hardcore riff there for a bit.

Is this mount not hardcore?

Still, you have to take your hat off to any game that is trying to turn, “What’s your sign?” into a question of import up there with gear score.

8 thoughts on “Battle of the Immortals – Key Features

  1. SynCaine

    They should have perma-death.

    What better game name than “Battle of the Immortals” to push perma-death with? Plus I think if you have perma-death, even your crafting becomes hardcore.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Sleepysam – It depends on how you look at it. Immortality and perma-death seem to be extreme opposites, and so may be viewed as balancing each other out.

    Of course, in any mechanic, one will likely have to trump, and the balance will be lost.


  3. kyrogue


    use this during character creation as induction id to receive bonus gears =)


  4. Rosend

    ROFL ….. Nice call Petras! :D
    On a serious note, I really hoped this would have hardcore mode like in diablo, you just dont see that in games anymore :-(


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