Zynga Invades 7-Eleven

We stopped into our local 7-Eleven for a Slurpee and noticed that Zynga seems to be pretty heavily invested in that convenience store chain this summer.

There were signs all over the place and our Slurpee cups were festooned with Zynga game graphics.

Missing - The YoVille Cup

And each cup has a code on the bottom that you can use to redeem for various prizes; a special in-game item, a logo magnet for one of the three featured games, some game time cards, or a drawing for one of three T-shirts.

Prize Selection

But wait, that is not all.  I went to Slurpee.com to see what the prize deal was, and while some prizes are available via Slurpee points, other special in-game items are available with the purchase of other 7-Eleven products.

The Big In-game Prize Board

So if you are a compulsive FarmVille collector, you will have to get out there and start shopping at 7-11.

The good news is that your friends don’t have to buy these items for you and your friends can’t spam your wall every time they buy a Slurpee.

The bad news, for Darren at least, is that not all of them are available in Canada.  Oh, and that while you can redeem the codes online, they only send you the code for your item through the mail.  Prize fulfillment is not quite fully in the digital age yet I guess.

But when you’re all over 7-Eleven, you’re pretty much mainstream.

2 thoughts on “Zynga Invades 7-Eleven

  1. aneum neelz

    When are they going to put out more applications so people other than those with the iphone can use the features on farmville/facebook?

    I wouldn’t mind paying a fee…it will weed out those not interested in it and never play their farm again after their first visit. I am sure that this has clogged up a lot of space on the servers.


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