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Planet Michael – Will We Ever See It?

A Michael Jackson MMO? [long dead link removed]

No, really?

Planet Michael

Not Michael Jackson, but an Uncanny (Valley) Simulation!

I mean, I saw Lum do an excellent parody, but the reality is almost as funny.

Well, maybe not funny… perhaps mind boggling is the word.  The full press release is after the break below, preserved for posterity.

I was going to just let this pass.  After all, what can you add?  But I figured I had better mark the occasion.

And who will go to this world?  I mean, it is going to be like Graceland.  There will be no sense of humor allowed, so forget your ideas about a “Hall of Noses,” a court appearance simulator, or any mention of Lisa Marie Presley.

Still, one wonders… there are issues common across most MMOs.  How will they manifest themselves on Planet Michael?  And what, exactly, will the “game” aspect of this world be?

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