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LulzSec Hits EVE Online… Again

LulzSec, which brought down the EVE Online login server yesterday as part of their Titanic Takedown Tuesday, started tweeting about hitting EVE Online again today.

They already proved they could do it, but they did it again anyway.

For the Lulz, no doubt.

Of course, not everybody seemed to mind.


Later, LulzSec went after bigger game, the cia.gov web site.  But they have already honked off the FBI and the US Senate previously, so what could the CIA possible bring to the game?

What an age we live in.

One wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Monitize Your EVE Online App or Service… For a Fee…

I’m still trying to digest this blog post from CCP.

It seems you will now need to obtain a license to create a 3rd party application or utility, but if you are willing to throw down $99 you can charge for said application or utility.

The key part of the announcement:

Starting this summer you will be able to charge people for usage of your applications, websites and services for EVE Online.

This new system was introduced at the Dev Track and discussed at the Fanfest round tables. We got a lot of good feedback at Fanfest and would like to get more before finalizing the service.


  • Simple process – Sign up on a webpage, get started straight away
  • Inexpensive – $99 per year, no other fees
  • Developer-friendly – Very few restrictions
  • Open-ended – You can charge subscription fees, receive donations, sell your app in an app-store and more
  • Non-commercial websites and apps will now require a (free) license

Grueling legal details

  • CCP will license 3rd party developers to create commercial applications and services created using the EVE API, In-Game Browser, Static Data Export, Image Export and Eve Image server.
  • To become a licensee, developer must enter into a commercial license agreement with CCP. The fee for a commercial license is $99, payable annually by credit card or wire transfer (for identification purposes). We do not require further payments from developer or royalties.
  • Developer can choose how they monetize their app or service, provided that they conform with the EVE EULA and ToS. Examples of monetization could be donations, one-time purchase, in-app purchase, subscriptions or ad-supported sites or apps.
  • For ad-supported ventures, we require that licensed applications or services not be associated with ISK selling/buying, macros or bots. An example of unacceptable monetization would be accepting Google AdWords from sites violating our EULA and ToS. (this is essentially similar to our terms for fansites)
  • CCP may at its discretion, list developers’ application or service, and provide other publicity.
  • Developer may not market their application or service as being associated with CCP in any way, other than to include a logo and credit line identifying application or service as a licensed application for EVE. Or similar attribution as may be required by CCP from time to time.
  • We will continue to provide technical assistance via the Technology Lab forum and IRC channel, but CCP does not offer formal technical support to developers or warrant the API in any way. It’s provided as is.
  • 3rd Party applications and services may not accept PLEX.
  • CCP also allows non-commercial apps and services, subject to simple clickwrap agreement substantially similar to the one that is provided to registered fansites.

There is an additional Q&A section which I did not copy and paste that is part of the post which tries to clarify some of the detail.

What this will mean to the EVE apps and services we have all grown used to, such a EVE Mon, I do not know.

Original Level Cap At Last… Do Copies Count?

About a decade back I read a science fiction trilogy that covered the ability of inter-stellar travel via a mechanism that made a data copy of a being and then was able to transmit that data across space to reassembled at the destination.  As I recall, in the novels (Frederick Pohl’s Eschaton Sequence if you must know, a tidbit of information that I was only able to recall thanks to Amazon.com keeping your entire order history on file) there was a certain amount of philosophical discussion as to whether these copies were really the original (which was deliberately destroyed during the process… or so they said) or… well… just copies… or new beings… or something else.

If that sounds a bit vague or uncertain, well the novels were not that good, this was more than a decade ago, the question was somewhat tangential to the whole tale, and I am surprised I remember that much.  But it was part of my thought process and I am going to write it down if just to keep me from having to go look up those novels again.  Diverge early and often should probably be my motto.

The question of what you were post-travel was complicated by the fact that the transport device could (and would) pop out a new copy of you, with memories only extending up to the moment you started the process, if you died.  And death was expected as the technology was used for exploration and contact with distant civilizations.

All of which came to mind, though in an even more muddled fashion… no, really, the above was pulling it all together and trying to make it coherent… because a character of mine on the EverQuest II Extended server, Freeport, by the name of Nehru hit level 50.

And your reaction might be somewhat along the lines of “so what?” since I have other characters who have gotten at least a dozen levels past 50 in the past, level 50 isn’t all that tough in EQ2 these days, and the level cap is 90 and so on.

The thing is, Nehru is special, and not just because he has a totally awesome name. (And I’d totally get him the jacket if there was such an appearance item in the SC store.)

Nehru is my first EQ2 character.

Well, a copy of my first EQ2 character.

Nomu was my first character in EQ2, rolled into being on November 13th, 2004.  He was my only character for nearly two weeks before I was afflicted with alt-itis yet again.

After that Nomu mostly he ended up being the guild alchemist, as demand for his many chemicals and inks, all essential to most of the other trade skills back then, was quite strong.

He still got played now and again.  I managed to keep him with in grouping level range (you had to be within 6 levels or 1/3 of the lower characters levels, which ever was more, if I recall correctly) of most of our guild so could tag along, stand back, and heal.

But he was mostly a character for trade skills, and because of that I chose to copy him over to EQ2X during the great double XP event to help with our drive for a guild hall.

When that was accomplished, I let him be for a bit until I decided that, as my highest level character on the EQ2X server, Freeport, that there might be some value in playing him.

If I could remember how to play a templar.

It had been a while, something given perspective by the age of some of the quests in his journal.

That was the oldest one I could find, though I purged his quest log of a pile of gray quests as it was full, so I am sure there were a few in there that were older still.  But most of those which remained ranged from mid-2005 to early 2006 when Kingdom of the Sky came out and I took a break from the game.

I was determined, without much real reason, to get him to level 50.  That was the level cap for EQ2 at launch, and he never quite got there.  So I started him off in the Sinking Sands, which is where I had left off back in 2006. (I was surprised to find that he was an ally of the Court of Truth already.  Memories of hunting guards for tokens is a dim memory at this point.)

I mentioned my plan to Gaff and he thought maybe something like the Temple of Cazic-Thule in Feerrott would be a good choice.  There was another place I had not been since probably 2005.  He got out a couple of his level 80 range characters, we grouped up, he mentored Nehru, and off we went.

Looking across the temples

We did managed to pick up the lead-in for the heritage quest for the Screaming Mace.  Named mobs continue to be up almost every time we go looking for them in the older zones.

In addition to that, we picked up some quests in the zone.  There are lots of them that follow the quest philosophy of early EQ2: Kill 10-30 of a specific mob in a zone where maybe 4 or 5 of that mob spawn.  These are handed out by any number of clickable objects in the zone, so as we went along we collected quite a few of these quests.

I think we only completed a couple of them though.  We made the screaming mace our focus and anything else was incidental.  Nehru did finish up his Lizardman Lore & Legend quest, and gain the Thulian language due to the drops we got.  And he even hit level 50 not too far along into things.

50 in Cazic-Thule

Nehru doesn’t look very dwarf-like there, as he was wearing the free Ratonga disguise they were giving out in the Station Cash store for free as part of Ratonga Week. (Whatever that was about… I often feel like I am in the community, but not of the community.)

We actually called it a night shortly after Nehru hit 50, it being a week night and such, but we returned the next night (or the night after that) and managed to bash our way through the zone and finish up the Screaming Mace.

It was a strange run.  First, the zone feels a more than a bit surreal. (Did you see those eyes in the picture?) Then add in the vague memories from having done this zone and quest line with another character back in the 2005 time frame and it was a unique experience.

But the mace was obtained.

Reach out and take the mace

And it is a very nice mace.

Though I think it is kind of bunk to give out a level 42 mace at the end of a level 50 heroic quest.  I’m sure it made sense back in 2004, but now that items lose some of their abilities when they are more than 10 levels below your adventure level, this probably will only be a weapon I can use for two levels.

Still, it is a nice mace

Nehru and his new mace

It will make a nice house item.

And I got my original EQ2 character to level 50, the original level cap.

Or did I?  Does this count?  Nomu is still level 48, but his copy is past 50 now.

In any case, only another 40 levels to go until the current EQ2 level cap.