Destructible Driving Terrain

Certainly one of the joys of Need for Speed World is driving very fast into, over, and through things.

Street signs, lamp posts, post boxes, bus shelters, park benches, bike racks, soda machines, and many other odds and ends are there for you to smash through or send flying.  There is even a nice little cafe with glass walls out at the golf course through which you can smash.

And then there are the big things.

Scattered throughout the world are some larger objects, conveniently highlighted with flashing red markers.  These cause even more havoc than ordinary objects and can block the road behind you if you hit them just right.  That can help you shake off a police pursuit.

The Golf Course Sign Comes Down... On Me!

There is the sign above at the golf course, along with a water tower, a boat, a dinosaur sculpture, a sign across a roadway, a truck loaded with pipes, and so on.  But I think giant advertisements are among my favorites.

There are a couple of giant ice cream cones.

Ice Cream Goes Down

And the ever appropriate tire from the auto repair shop. (In front of a very Paramount Pictures looking mountain.)

Rolling Down the Road

And the giant donut.

Falling on the Police Parked Out Front

But of all the destructible terrain in the game, I have a special fondness for the gas station.

It Goes BOOM!

Nothing else explodes.

Plus, I love hearing the little “ding, ding,” a gas station sound you will recall if you are old enough to have seen one that offered full service, just half a heart beat before I plow through the pumps and send the whole thing up in a fireball.

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