I’ll See Your 59 and Raise You a Type 62

The controversial Chinese Type 59 tank has been out of the World of Tanks store for a while now.  But soon there will be a new premium Chinese tank in town.

The Type 62 is planned to be a tier 6 light tank.  Will it sell as well?  And will it cause as big a stir?


6 thoughts on “I’ll See Your 59 and Raise You a Type 62

  1. scotth

    I don’t think the 59 is as big a deal as it used to be. The tank has been nerfed a couple of times, and it used to get favourable match making but that has been changed.

    The 62 is fun, but as is usually the case with premium tanks, is not as powerful as other tanks of its tier that are purchased with credits.

    The only real complaint I have seen is that when these tanks are on sale you get a lot of them in random games. There is still the occasional ‘wallet warrior’ comments, but whatever.

    Overall, a regular tank of the same tier is going to be better than a premium tank. The only real advantage to premium tanks is they generate more credit income, and you don’t need to grind for them.


  2. stnylan

    I don’t think it will cause that much of a fuss, primarily because it is a light tank. Dare I say it but most WoT players struggle quite a bit with light tanks in the later tiers.

    Also I agree with scotth above, the Type 59 doesn’t feel overpowered these days when facing against them on the battlefield.


  3. kiantremayne

    Agreed with the above posters. Also, the new tank is a Tier 6, which is just high enough to get thrown into matches with the big boys but not enough to stand much of a chance against them.


  4. HarbingerZero

    Its already for sale and has been for awhile, but you have to buy it from the gift shop. They want a new cash infusion for the game, not people spending some of the piles of gold they laid up six months ago.

    Most of my matches have had good 62 players, who understood that the similarities between the two tanks ends with the model. Most of the players facing them seem confused though. The tank has tissue thin armor and a slingshot gun, but they back away like its the plague.

    It also seems clear by now that the 59 received a stealth nerf, same as all the other beginning premium tanks, who tended to start out overpowered and gradually become “normalized” as time went on. But there is evidence this was not intentional, as the newer premium tanks have not had that overpowered edge to them that was the case with earlier premiums.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @HZ – Ah, I went looking for it in the in-game store and did not see it, so thought it might not be out yet. Gift shop, eh? Seems more than a bit manipulative there… or would if they actually pointed at where to find it.

    Another sign… along with SOE pulling subscription time and expansions… that free to play cannot live by cash shop alone?


  6. HarbingerZero

    I think it may just be a response to the less cyclical nature of payments in an F2P model. Its not like I go out once a month on an appointed day and pick up a game card. If others are like me, I get a stack of cards a couple of times a year (birthday, Christmas, bonus, etc) and then refill my gold/zen/SC and wait for something I like to come along. So if there was a cash shortage right now after people stocked up at the beginning of summer…this would be a good way to get some currency into the game again.


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