Daily Archives: August 24, 2012

Crazy Train out of Barstow

My goal for the dread Steam Summer Sale (so much temptation) was pretty simple this year.  Despite all of the crazy deals, I was only going to purchase games I was sure I was going to play.

And I did pretty well.

I picked up Portal 2 for 75% off. (And Steam just sent me a coupon for 75% off of Portal 2… not so useful at this point.)

I definitely got my money’s worth out of that.

I also picked up Harvest: Massive Encounter, a game that sits in one corner of the tower defense genre.  I don’t feel like I lost on that, but I went back to playing Defense Grid for my tower defense needs pretty quickly.

And then, at the last minute, I swooped in and grabbed Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012, which was 90% off list price.

This was clearly counter to the plan, and a perfect example of the rule about not buying anything on the internet after 8pm.  Your brain seems to go into a “just get it” mode after that point.  My brain succumbed to the 90% off and the idea of playing a game with over $2,000 worth of DLC on Steam, something that got the game injected into a column over at Cracked.

So, I had to do the reverse to keep to my plan, and play the game to enough to get my money out of it… and at least one blog post.  Tales of terror on the rails after the cut.

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Tell Me This Isn’t Korean for Top Gun…

The trailer for the South Korean movie Return to Base (or “Soar into the Sun,” as it was retitled at some point).

While it clearly has its own story, it is a remake of an older South Korean movie Red Scarf, there are points in the trailer that are clearly homages to Top Gun.  I’d watch just to see the full battle amongst the skyscrapers.

We’ll see if it makes it to NetFlix.  They do have it listed as a potential future title.

Hat tip to The Aviationist.