PlanetSide 2 – Time to ROCK

I have been able to resist the lure of PlanetSide 2, it being in beta and there generally being a whole lot of other games out and about and begging to be played.

But videos like this make it tempting to join in.

Looking pretty good so far.  Appropriate music choice.  Thunderstruck indeed.

Direct link.

3 thoughts on “PlanetSide 2 – Time to ROCK

  1. bhagpuss

    I was just thinking I really must try and log in sometime over the weekend. That looks a lot sharper than it did last time I played, when everything seemed a bit muddy.


  2. bhagpuss

    @morgs I’m sure that’s true. Playing with people you know improves just about every MMO. There is an auto-joining mechanic that puts you in a team as soon as you log in, though, isn’t there? Although I could never find my team-mates the few times I’ve tried so far…


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