Torchlight II – Here At Last

The day has finally arrived.  Torchlight II is finally available.

And so the other claimant to the title of successor to Diablo II is on the market, though I am still mildly annoyed that it took until 2012 to get something like a true sequel to a game that shipped its sole expansion back in 2001.

I pre-ordered the game on Steam a couple days early so I could download it in advance.  It is at home waiting for me.

Runic also appears to have done an early release to some press and bloggers, so there are already a bunch of review and impression pieces popping up around the web, all very much praising the game.

Certainly, at the $20 price point, it is hard to see how you can go wrong if you like the click action RPG genre at all.

If you want one of the more blatantly pro-Torchlight II posts, you cannot go wrong with this piece at Kotaku I suppose. (Or this older comparo chart.)

I am not sure I agree on all of Kotaku’s points… as much as I like fishing in MMOs, I never found it to be that compelling in the original Torchlight.  And celebrating that Torchlight II has all the same potions as Diablo II seems like one of those points you stick in the middle of your list just to pad it out.

The key items though are the lack of an “always online” component, which I still don’t think was as big a flaw in Diablo III as some people make out, and the lack of an auction house, which is what really seemed to kill the game. (Oh, I forgot that I posted something related to that too.)

And then there is the whole modding aspect.  I am interested to see what the game will become as to play what it launches as.

Anyway, I know what is likely to be my most played game this weekend.

Added Random Torchlight II links due to Gank’s pressure.

7 thoughts on “Torchlight II – Here At Last

  1. Latrodanes

    “Anyway, I know what is likely to be my most played game this weekend.”

    Dagnabit! I’m just getting spun back up in Borderlands 2! So many choices.


  2. Gnome

    All I can add to any review out there is that to make overland exploration the norm and dungeon exploration the exception was a genius move. Being stuck in corridors of dungeon/cave/mine for hours on end lead to a pretty quick burnout in the first Torchlight.


  3. Gank

    Yikes! Now my laziness has cost you precious time and energy….. but oddly I’m okay with that ;)

    Sorry about your troubles loading up the game. It’s always a pain when you just want to sit down and get to it.


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