DUST 514 Open Beta is… Open!

I guess today is the day to write about games getting to open beta.

Today the fine people at CCP announced that their EVE Online integrated console shooter, DUST 514, is now in open beta.


Previously DUST 514 beta access was open to anybody with an active EVE Online account and a PlayStation 3.  Now it is open to anybody.  I am not sure if that really broadens the audience by much.

Are there a lot of people who don’t play EVE Online interested in playing DUST 514?  There is certainly doubt about that in some quarters.

CCP has an announcement, a sign up page, and FAQ posted for those who are interested.

But it seems that if you want the real deal about what is going on, you should go look at the mighty, meaty, Monster DUST 514 beta review post that Winterblink has finally unleashed on the world.

I am still not sure when I will ever get around to playing it.  The NHL hockey season finally got under way, which means that the TV where our PlayStation 3 is hooked up is spoken for most evenings.

But it is out there.

Which will mean more people in local in EVE in some systems.

And maybe, some day, I’ll drop a rock or something on them.

2 thoughts on “DUST 514 Open Beta is… Open!

  1. Chaos Logic

    I recommend you create a character, activate passive SP, and let it sit until you are ready to play. You will earn 24k SP per day at no cost. When you finally jump in you will be happy you did. :-)


  2. coppertopper

    They must have been paid a hellofalot of money to bring this to PS3 exclusively. I know its coming to PC eventually, but after reading the review, don’t see anything to be excited about anyways. Although losing gear from being killed – love that concept.


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